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Who are the referees for Friday’s NBA games?

Here’s a look at the crews for Friday’s NBA games.

NBA Referee Sean Wright #4 looks on between the Miami Heat game against the Philadelphia 76ers on February 27, 2023 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

The 2022-23 NBA regular season is winding down. Most teams only have two games to go before they set their eyes either on the offseason or the playoffs. The NBA slate for Friday, April 7 sees 11 games on the schedule. Here’s a look at the officiating crews for each contest, along with some relevant stats on their record this season, which could impact how bettors approach each contest.

All referee stats come courtesy of NBA Stuffer, and odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

Rockets vs. Hornets referees

Sean Wright (crew chief), Natalie Sago (referee), John Conley (umpire)

Wright has officiated 40 games as the crew chief. In those games, the home team wins 50% of the time and outscored opponents by 2.4 points. Away teams are called for 1.1 more fouls than home teams on average in Wright’s games.

Pistons vs. Pacers referees

John Goble (crew chief), Curtis Blair (referee), Suyash Mehta (umpire)

Goble has been the crew chief for 39 games this season. When he is just part of a crew, the home team is heavily favored, but it is more even when he is the chief. Goble tends to be harder on the home team with foul calls, calling 1.2 more fouls on average on them rather than the away team.

Heat vs. Wizards referees

Courtney Kirkland (crew chief), Rodney Mott (referee), Evan Scott (umpire)

Kirkland has been chief for 46 games this season. The home team has won 52.2% of those games with an average point total of 226.4. This is an interesting mark because the point total for this game is only 216 suggesting we could see the over hit.

76ers vs. Hawks referees

Tony Brothers (crew chief), Kevin Cutler (referee), Ashley Moyer-Gleich (umpire)

Brothers has spent 62 games this season as the crew chief. The home team has won 64.5% of the games, giving extra support to take Atlanta on the moneyline with the 76ers already ruling out Joel Embiid, James Harden, Tyrese Maxey and P.J. Tucker.

Raptors vs. Celtics referees

David Guthrie (crew chief), Brandon Adair (referee), Jason Goldenberg (umpire)

Guthrie has been the crew chief for 39 games this year. The home team wins 61.5% of the contests by an average of 4.1 points. The Raptors are currently 1.5-point favorites, so this point differential swing by the officiating crew would be enough for the Celtics upset.

Magic vs. Nets referees

Eric Lewis (crew chief), Tre Maddox (referee), Eric Dalen (umpire)

The home team is winning 61.9% of games that Lewis is the crew chief of. His crews call an average of 43.6 fouls per game with 51.9% of them going against the away team.

Grizzlies vs. Bucks referees

Zach Zarba (crew chief), Ben Taylor (referee), Jonathan Sterling (umpire)

Zarba has officiated 62 total games this season, serving as the crew chief for 42 of them. The home team has won 52.4% of the games by an average of 1.4 points. The Grizzlies are 8-point road favorites, but the officiating crew data suggests that the Bucks covering is the play.

Knicks vs. Pelicans referees

Bill Kennedy (crew chief), Nick Buchert (referee), Brett Nansel (umpire)

Kennedy has interesting stats during his 49-game stint as a crew chief. Home teams are winning 55.1% of the games but by a .2 average point differential. The Pelicans are 8.5-point favorites at home, but they could face a tougher game from Kennedy’s crew leaning toward the Knicks covering.

Bulls vs. Mavericks referees

Scott Foster (crew chief), Karl Lane (referee), Mousa Dagher (umpire)

Games that Foster has been the crew chief for have seen the home team win 71.7% of the time. His crews call slightly more fouls against the home team, but that hasn’t stopped the home team from winning by an average of 5.4 points in 53 games. The Mavericks are already heavy favorites, and they seem to be a decently safe bet, despite the number of players that could be resting.

Warriors vs. Kings referees

Josh Tiven (crew chief), Brian Forte (referee), Scott Twardoski (umpire)

Tiven has officiated 63 games this year, 32 as a crew chief and 31 as either referee or umpire. As a chief, Tiven’s crews typically let players play and are calling only 39.9 fouls per game. The home team is winning only 43.8% of the games, and that could lower as the Kings are 9.5 point underdogs and +340 on the moneyline.

Suns vs. Lakers referees

James Williams (crew chief), Justin Van Duyne (referee), Dedric Taylor (umpire)

Williams will be reffing his 62nd game of the season, but only the 17th as crew chief. Home teams are winning 56.3% of games by an average of 2.7 points. Whether the chief or part of the crew, Williams’ games are seeing an average of 37.1 fouls called.