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Report: New CBA will allows players to invest in NBA, WNBA teams, promote sports betting companies

The new CBA will take advantage of some additional revenue sources for the league.

Charlotte Hornets v Detroit Pistons
A Wilson brand official game ball basketball is pictured with the NBA logo during the game between the Detroit Pistons and Charlotte Hornets at Little Caesars Arena on February 03, 2023 in Detroit, Michigan.
Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The NBA and NBPA have come to an agreement on a new CBA, effectively cooling off any talks of a lockout for the foreseeable future. Among some of the new wrinkles in the next agreement, one stands out.

We’ll see exactly how the player investment portion is administrated going forward, especially on the NBA side of things. It would be awkward to see LeBron James invest in a team other than the Lakers.

The sports betting and cannabis company promotion also makes a lot of sense for the league, given how both sources of revenue have risen to prominence in the last few years. The leagues have leaned into gambling, especially after seeing how much states have profited from legalizing sports betting. Of course, there are going to be questions of integrity for players who are promoting bets involving them or their team. That will have to be further ironed out. After all, it was only a year ago that the NFL suspended Atlanta Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley for gambling. The NBA seems to be taking a more lenient approach.

There will be more details which specify how players can invest and promote these companies, but this is a great sign of progress for the NBA and the players can be happy knowing they will start to see some of the rewards of their hard work as driving forces for the league’s success.