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Who are the referees for Tuesday’s NBA games?

Here’s a look at the crews for Tuesday’s NBA games.

The NBA’s Tuesday night slate sees just six games across the league, and with less than two weeks left in the regular season, every matchup counts as we head toward playoffs. Before placing your bets on tonight’s slate, it can be beneficial to know who the referees are for each game and the trends they’ve shown throughout their time calling games on the floor.

All referee stats come courtesy of NBA Stuffer and odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards referees

Marc Davis (crew chief), Brent Barnaky (referee), Matt Myers (umpire)

Davis has seen 40 games as crew chief this season and the home team has won 65% of the time with him in charge. The average total for Davis’ games sits at 227.3, which is worth taking note of as the total is set at 223 for this matchup.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks referees

David Guthrie (crew chief), Brett Nansel (referee), CJ Washington (umpire)

The Cavs and Hawks are expected to go toe-to-toe in what should be a close affair, meaning Guthrie’s calls on the floor could greatly impact the outcome of the game. The home team wins 60% of the time when Guthrie is chief, giving the Hawks a potential advantage tonight at State Farm Arena.

Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors referees

Scott Foster (crew chief), Brian Forte (referee), Eric Dalen (umpire)

In the 49 games Foster has served as chief this season, the home team has won a staggering 71.4% of the time, despite just over 50% of the fouls called going against the home side.

Orlando Magic vs. Memphis Grizzlies referees

Kevin Scott (crew chief), Nick Buchert (referee), Simone Jelks (umpire)

The Grizzlies are heavily favored to win this one as 7-point favorites at home with the point total set at 229. Scott’s average point total comes in at 230.1 while the home team has won an even 50% of the time when Scott is in charge. Those numbers don’t necessarily give the Grizzlies any further advantage than they already have as the home side.

Charlotte Hornets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder referees

Mark Lindsay (crew chief), Sean Corbin (referee), Jenna Schroeder (umpire)

OKC are 10.5-point favorites at home against the Hornets, and with Lindsay serving as chief the home side has a slight advantage as they’ve won 52.9% of the 17 games he’s been in charge of this season.

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Golden State Warriors referees

Ed Malloy (crew chief), Kevin Cutler (referee), Derrick Collins (umpire)

Malloy is the only crew chief in tonight’s slate that has seen wins skew in favor of the road team, as the home side has only won an average of 46.4% of the 28 games he’s been in charge of this season. The Warriors are 8.5-point favorites at home tonight, but 51.2% of his fouls called have gone against the home side as well, so it remains to be seen if Malloy will be a difference maker for the Warriors and Pelicans tonight.