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Watch this girl freak out as LeBron James sits next to her during Lakers-Warriors game

She’ll remember this a lot longer than the scoring record.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is dealing with ankle and foot issues and sat out Saturday’s game against the Golden State Warriors. James has not sat since setting the NBA’s all-time scoring record four days against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

A lot of funs have been setting their ticket plans around potentially getting to see LeBron set the scoring record. Anybody who bought tickets for games after the record-setting Thunder game are left with some measure of disappointment. However, one fan got an opportunity that she’ll probably remember a lot longer than if she’d seen the scoring record.

LeBron came along courtside in the second quarter of the game and pulled up a seat with his teammates. However, he was at the end of the bench, which meant he was also sitting next to some fans. Watch her reaction below.

ESPN got a chance to interview the fan and she could not have been more excited. She wanted to see him break the record, but she got to enjoy this instead. This coupled with courtside seats is not too shabby. I think she can probably live with this over the scoring record.