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Which teams have qualified for the NBA In-Season Tournament knockout round?

Here’s a look at which teams have made the quarterfinal round of the NBA In-Season Tournament.

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers looks on during the game against the Dallas Mavericks on November 22, 2023 at Crypto.Com Arena in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Tuesday 11/28 update: We’ve got the full bracket for the knockout round of the In-Season Tournament. Here are the matchups for the quarterfinal round, which will begin Monday.

Celtics vs. Pacers
Bucks vs. Knicks

Lakers vs. Suns
Pelicans vs. Kings

NBA In-Season Tournament action continues Friday after Thanksgiving with 10 games on the slate, headlined by doubleheaders on NBATV and ESPN. As we enter the final two days of the In-Season Tournament, here’s a look at where things stand for the bracket and which teams have qualified for the quarterfinal round. The six group winners will make the quarterfinal round, along with two wild card teams. There will be one wild card team from each conference.

Qualified teams: Lakers, Pacers, Pelicans, Celtics, Knicks, Bucks, Suns

West Group A

Lakers, 4-0
Suns, 3-1
Jazz, 2-2
Trail Blazers, 2-3
Grizzlies, 0-4

Update: The Suns have also qualified for the knockout round and will play the Lakers in one quarterfinal.

The Lakers have secured a spot in the quarterfinal round as the group winner.

West Group B

Pelicans, 3-1
Rockets, 2-2
Nuggets, 2-2
Mavericks, 2-2
Clippers, 1-3

Update: New Orleans won Friday and is in the knockout round.

If the Pelicans win Friday, they’ll win the group regardless of what Denver does with the head-to-head tiebreaker. If the Nuggets win, they’ll need the Pelicans to lose in order to win the group.

West Group C

Kings, 4-0
Timberwolves, 3-1
Warriors, 2-2
Thunder, 1-3
Spurs, 0-4

Update: The Kings have won and will face the Pelicans in the knockout stage of the In-Season Tournament.

Update: If the Warriors win over the Kings Tuesday, it’ll be Warriors vs. Pelicans in the knockout round. The location of that game will be determined by margin of victory for Golden State. If the Kings win or lose by a small margin, they will advance to the knockout round.

The winner of the Kings-Timberwolves game could determine this group. If Minnesota wins, the Timberwolves will qualify for the knockout round. If the Kings win, they’d still need to beat the Warriors assuming Golden State knocks off San Antonio Friday. In a three-way tie where the Kings beat Minnesota and the Warriors beat the Kings, the group winner would come down to point differential.

East Group A

Pacers, 4-0
Cavaliers, 3-1
76ers, 2-2
Hawks, 1-3
Pistons, 0-4

Indiana has beaten everyone and now plays Detroit, so the Pacers have the head-to-head tiebreaker over Cleveland and therefore have clinched a spot in the knockout round.

East Group B

Bucks, 4-0
Knicks, 3-1
Heat, 2-2
Hornets, 1-3
Wizards, 0-4

Update: The Bucks have taken out Miami, and will host New York in a knockout round game.

Update: Due to point differential, the Knicks have clinched a spot in the knockout round. The only question is whether they’ll host a game or play the Bucks depending on Milwaukee’s result against Miami.

The Bucks can clinch a spot in the knockout round with a win over the Heat. If the Bucks lose and the Knicks win, the group title would come down to point differential.

East Group C

Celtics, 3-1
Magic, 3-1
Nets, 3-1
Raptors, 1-3
Bulls, 0-4

Update: The Celtics have advanced to the knockout round since the Nets defeated the Raptors Tuesday.

If the Nets lose Tuesday, the Magic will win the group and advance to the knockout round.