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Tracking the auction for LeBron James Triple Logoman Patch Card on Goldin Co

We’re keeping an eye on the auction for what should end up being the highest sold card of all-time.

It wasn’t too long ago that Backyard Rips was able to pull the elusive LeBron James Triple Logoman 1/1 Patch Card from a box of Panini Flawless 2020-21. Backyard JMo was who pulled the card on Whatnot, which is a platform for live streaming breaks and auctioning collectibles of all kinds.

The Logoman is one of the rarest cards in the hobby and is sought after by the likes of celebrities like Drake. The Flawless set prices went up as a result of the search for the LeBron Logoman card. There are only 10 cards in the Flawless boxes and they mostly include on-card autographs for the biggest stars and rookies in the game.

The LeBron Logoman card features three NBA patches from the three teams James has played for — the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. If you want some more background on the card, here’s a great writeup on the pull from DK Nation Contributor Matt LaMarca.

Anyway, the card is now on auction at Goldin Co and the current bid is already up to $1.2 million. As of Thursday, June 9, there are 16 more days the auction will be live before closing. The anticipation is that the card will be the most valuable ever. LaMarca projects the final bid could be in the neighborhood of $6 million. Here we’re going to be tracking the progress of the auction and what the final bid ends up being.

Update, June 13 — We’re into the week and the latest bid is up to $1,600,000 for the card. There are just over 12 days left in the auction.

Update, June 11 — We’ve got some movement on the auction over the weekend with the latest big at $1,500,000.

Update, June 10, 5:30 p.m. — The latest bid is up to $1,450,000 as we head into the weekend.

Update, June 10 — There’s been plenty of action on the card overnight. The current big is up to $1.4M on Goldin Co.

Update, June 9 — The latest bid is $1,250,000 on the card. It’s up to 15 bids and there’s still just over 16 days left on the auction.