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Why are there no NBA games Tuesday?

After 15 games Monday, there will be no games Tuesday.

Companies In Chicago
NBA sticker is seen on a store in Chicago, United States on October 14, 2022.
Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

After 15 games Monday in the NBA, the league is not taking the floor at all Tuesday, November 8. So why are there no games tonight in the NBA?

The league has made a commitment to what it calls “non-partisan civic engagement” and since Tuesday is an election day in many states across the country, the NBA will not play. This is an effort to encourage people to take time to cast their votes and make their voices heard. The NBA has leaned into activism for a while now, but things really heated up in the political sphere during the 2020 Orlando bubble with the Jacob Blake shooting. The Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the floor and the league suspended play for a few days. In the summer of 2021, George Floyd’s death sparked protests and calls from prominent players to push their communities to vote.

The league will return Wednesday with 13 games.