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Why are there no NBA games on Thanksgiving day?

After 12 games Wednesday, there will be no games Thursday.

Charlotte Hornets v Detroit Pistons

After 12 games on Wednesday’s NBA slate, there will be no games on Thanksgiving day. The league typically does not play on Thanksgiving day while there hasn’t been an official reason for why this is, there is one logical explanation.

The league has tried to avoid going in a head-to-head ratings clash with the NFL where it can, even modifying the Christmas day schedule to avoid NFL teams in similar markets who have a game. The NFL has three games spread out over Thanksgiving day and the NBA simply cannot compete with that during the regular season. TNT started taking off Thursday doubleheaders last year due to Thursday Night Football ratings. And many NFL fans feel Thursday games are the worst games of the schedule.

The league will be back in action with 14 games Friday. The only teams not playing will be the Dallas Mavericks and Toronto Raptors. They will meet each other in the first game of Saturday’s slate.