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Stephen Curry nails final moneyball to defeat Mike Conley in 3-Point Contest

Warriors guard didn’t break a sweat and just beat out the Jazz guard with 28 points in the final round to take his second 3-point title.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry reacts after a basket during the first half against the Portland Trail Blazers at Moda Center. Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors G Stephen Curry edged out Utah Jazz G Mike Conley to win his second 3-Point Contest title. Check out the full recap below!

Stephen Curry is still Stephen Curry. The 2015 champion racked up 31 points to lead all scorers and made every money-ball shot from the right wing. He’s trailed by first-time competitor Mike Conley, who came out on fire and drilled his money-ball rack at the top of the key en route to way to 28 points. Jayson Tatum is in third and knocked down the first Mountain Dew ball of the night on his way to 25 points.

Tatum bombed in the finals with 17 points, but Conley put pressure on Curry by scoring 27 points. Curry got off to a cold start but made both Mountain Dew balls before making four of his five money balls. Even then, Curry needed to make his last shot of the contest to edge out Conley with 28 points. The Warriors superstar is now a two-time champ and redeemed himself from the poor showing he had his last time out.

Finals Recap

Stephen Curry — 28 points
Mike Conley — 27 points
Jayson Tatum — 17 points

First Round Recap

Stephen Curry — 31 points
Mike Conley — 28 points
Jayson Tatum — 26 points
Zach LaVine — 22 points
Donovan Mitchell — 22 points
Jaylen Brown — 18 points

3-Point Shootout Pre-Contest odds

Stephen Curry +110
Donovan Mitchell +450
Zach LaVine +500
Mike Conley +500
Jayson Tatum +600
Jaylen Brown +650