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Tracking NBA teams who have opened up practice facilities

As teams start to re-open practice facilities, we’re tracking which teams are back at practice for voluntary workouts

Houston Rockets guard James Harden reacts in the second half at Spectrum Center. Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA has had practices open since to voluntary workouts since May 8. Not all teams have re-opened practice facilities but there’s expected to be 22 or so teams practicing by next week. We’ve already got a handful of teams who have said facilities will open soon or are already open. With strict protocol in place and testing happening often at facilities, the NBA is making sure everyone is safe before basketball returns. Here we’ll be tracking each team who has opened up voluntary workouts to players.

Which NBA teams have open practice facilities?

Boston Celtics, June 6 — Massachusetts will allow professional sports teams to return to practice facilities starting on June 6. This doesn’t mean the Celtics will return on that date, but it’s the earliest they’re allowed to do so. Celtics president Danny Ainge announced on May 15 that the team will look to re-open practice this week (May 18-24).

Chicago Bulls, May 29 — The Bulls are in talks to re-open their practice facilities on Friday, per K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago.

Philadelphia 76ers, May 27 — The Sixers opened up their practice facilities in Camden, N.J., on Wednesday. Over 22 teams have opened facilities as of yesterday.

Brooklyn Nets, May 26 — The Nets plan on opening their practice facilities for workouts on Tuesday as well. The organization will follow the strict protocol set in place.

Charlotte Hornets, May 26 — The Hornets are planning on opening up their practice facilities for voluntary workouts on Tuesday, the team announced.

Oklahoma City Thunder, May 18 — The Thunder got added to the list of teams that have opened practice facilities.

Los Angeles Clippers, May 18 — A lot of teams pushed back their opening date to Monday after the initial announcement of May 8. The Clippers opened on Monday.

Houston Rockets, May 18 — It was announced by GM Daryl Morey on Saturday that the Rockets will re-open facilities on Monday.

Los Angeles Lakers, May 16The Lakers re-opened things on Saturday and had several players back at practice, though those names weren’t reported.

Orlando Magic, May 14 The Magic opened up facilities at Amway Center and the players describe it as strange.

Miami Heat, May 13 The Heat had 12 players in for voluntary workouts last week and used social distancing of course.

Atlanta Hawks, May 11The Hawks re-opened facilities early last week.

Toronto Raptors, May 8 — The Raptors were among the first teams to re-open practice facilities.

Denver Nuggets, May 8 — The Nuggets had initially decided not to re-open, but then Will Barton posted on social media that he has been at the facility getting workouts in last week.

Cleveland Cavaliers, May 8 — The Cavaliers were one of the first teams to open up facilities to players for workouts.

Portland Trail Blazers, May 8 — The Trail Blazers were also in the same boat as the Cavaliers, though there was some backlash from G CJ McCollum after the announcement.

Utah Jazz, May 8 — The Jazz opened up practice for workouts and George Niang was among the players to participate so far.