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NBA HORSE Challenge: Picks and predictions from media members

We check in with some basketball media people to see who they think advances in tonight’s NBA and WNBA contest live on ESPN.

Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks reacts to play on March 11, 2020 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.  Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

Tonight’s NBA HORSE Challenge will bring together current and retired NBA and WNBA players in search of a trophy they can win in gyms near their home. And DraftKings Sportsbook is giving away $1000 to the winner of a picks contest tonight based on what will happen, so you can pick up a prize from the comfort of your couch!

Need some advice on who will shoot to thrill tonight? We asked 18 media members and hoop heads to give us their choices for tonight’s contest, yours truly included. You can go your own way, but see what the pros think before they look silly with their selections on tonight’s four battles. The first round of the contest will be held tonight from 7-9:00 p.m. ET on ESPN, with the semifinals and finals set for Thursday night at 9:00 p.m.

Here is our panel of shooting scribes for tonight’s action:

Matt Perrault: SB Nation Radio, @SportsTalkMatt
Tommy Beer: Basketball Insiders, @TommyBeer
Nick Whalen: RotoWire, @Wha1en
Evan Bleier: Inside Hook, @ItisHowItis
Lou Monaco: Gaming Today, @LouMonaco
Michael Pina: SB Nation, @MichaelVPina
Aaron Oster: NBC Sports Radio, @TheAOster
Ken Crites: RotoWire, @KenCrites
Marco Cerino:, @CerinoRoyale
Meredith Cash: Business Insider, @mercash22
Bill Gelman: Play NJ, @Bill_Gelman
Kelley Bydlon: VSiN, @KelleyVSiN
Daniel Cypra: CBS Sportsline, @cypradn
Dom Jiminez: Sports Byline, @DomJiminez21
Matt Rybaltowski: Forbes, @MattRybaltowski
Brant James: Report, @BrantJames
Todd Dewey: Las Vegas Review-Journal, @tdewey33
Collin Sherwin: DK Nation, @CollinSherwin

Will Trae Young make a half-court shot?

Herbert or Tua?

Writer Who will be drafted 1st: Herbert or Tua?
Writer Who will be drafted 1st: Herbert or Tua?
Marco Cerino Herbert
Patrick Everson Herbert
Brant James Tagovailoa
Evan Bleier Herbert
Ameer Tyree Tagovailoa
Jimmy Golen Tagovailoa
Jared Dubin Tagovailoa
Chris Tubbs Tagovailoa
Gary Trask Herbert
Jarad Wilk Herbert
Vinnie Iyer Herbert
Matt Rybaltowski Tagovailoa
Aaron Oster Tagovailoa
David Fucillo Tagovailoa
Bill Gelman Tagovailoa
Katie Kohler Tagovailoa
John Brennan Tagovailoa
Daniel Cypra Tagovailoa
Dominic Jimenez Tagovailoa
Vic Tafur Tagovailoa
Danny Donahue Herbert
Dave Richard Tagovailoa
Connor O'Gara Tagovailoa
Christian D'Andrea Tagovailoa
Michael Beller Tagovailoa
Kyler Koster Tagovailoa
Kelley Bydlon Tagovailoa
Lou Monaco Herbert
Chet Gresham Tagovailoa
Kevin McGuire Herbert

Will any player get shutout?

Jeudy or Lamb?

Writer Answer
Writer Answer
Marco Cerino Lamb
Patrick Everson Jeudy
Brant James Lamb
Evan Bleier Jeudy
Ameer Tyree Lamb
Jimmy Golen Lamb
Jared Dubin Jeudy
Chris Tubbs Jeudy
Gary Trask Lamb
Jarad Wilk Lamb
Vinnie Iyer Lamb
Matt Rybaltowski Jeudy
Aaron Oster Lamb
David Fucillo Lamb
Bill Gelman Jeudy
Katie Kohler Lamb
John Brennan Jeudy
Daniel Cypra Lamb
Dominic Jimenez Jeudy
Vic Tafur Jeudy
Danny Donahue Lamb
Dave Richard Lamb
Connor O'Gara Jeudy
Christian D'Andrea Lamb
Michael Beller Jeudy
Kyler Koster Jeudy
Kelley Bydlon Jeudy
Lou Monaco Jeudy
Chet Gresham Lamb
Kevin McGuire Jeudy

Will any WNBA player advance?

Which team drafts Tua?

Writer Answer
Writer Answer
Marco Cerino Dolphins
Patrick Everson Other
Brant James Chargers
Evan Bleier Chargers
Ameer Tyree Dolphins
Jimmy Golen Dolphins
Jared Dubin Dolphins
Chris Tubbs Dolphins
Gary Trask Chargers
Jarad Wilk Chargers
Vinnie Iyer Chargers
Matt Rybaltowski Chargers
Aaron Oster Dolphins
David Fucillo Dolphins
Bill Gelman Dolphins
Katie Kohler Chargers
John Brennan Dolphins
Daniel Cypra Dolphins
Dominic Jimenez Dolphins
Vic Tafur Dolphins
Danny Donahue Chargers
Dave Richard Dolphins
Connor O'Gara Dolphins
Christian D'Andrea Dolphins
Michael Beller Chargers
Kyler Koster Dolphins
Kelley Bydlon Dolphins
Lou Monaco Dolphins
Chet Gresham Dolphins
Kevin McGuire Dolphins

Trae Young vs. Chauncey Billups winner?

Which team drafts Love?

Writer Winner
Writer Winner
Marco Cerino Other: Not Selected
Patrick Everson Packers
Brant James Patriots
Evan Bleier Other
Ameer Tyree Patriots
Jimmy Golen Other
Jared Dubin Other
Chris Tubbs Patriots
Gary Trask Other
Jarad Wilk Other
Vinnie Iyer Other
Matt Rybaltowski Other: Not Selected
Aaron Oster Raiders
David Fucillo Patriots
Bill Gelman Patriots
Katie Kohler Other
John Brennan Saints
Daniel Cypra Other
Dominic Jimenez Patriots
Vic Tafur Other
Danny Donahue Jaguars
Dave Richard Other
Connor O'Gara Saints
Christian D'Andrea Other
Michael Beller Saints
Kyler Koster Other
Kelley Bydlon Other
Lou Monaco Other
Chet Gresham Other
Kevin McGuire Other

Will Trae Young make his first shot?

QB’s 1st Round?

Writer Answer
Writer Answer
Marco Cerino Under 4.5
Patrick Everson Under 4.5
Brant James Under 4.5
Evan Bleier Under 4.5
Ameer Tyree Under 4.5
Jimmy Golen Under 4.5
Jared Dubin Under 4.5
Chris Tubbs Under 4.5
Gary Trask Under 4.5
Jarad Wilk Under 4.5
Vinnie Iyer Under 4.5
Matt Rybaltowski Under 4.5
Aaron Oster Under 4.5
David Fucillo Under 4.5
Bill Gelman Under 4.5
Katie Kohler Under 4.5
John Brennan Under 4.5
Daniel Cypra Under 4.5
Dominic Jimenez Under 4.5
Vic Tafur Under 4.5
Danny Donahue Under 4.5
Dave Richard Over 4.5
Connor O'Gara Under 4.5
Christian D'Andrea Under 4.5
Michael Beller Under 4.5
Kyler Koster Under 4.5
Kelley Bydlon Under 4.5
Lou Monaco Under 4.5
Chet Gresham Under 4.5
Kevin McGuire Under 4.5

Tamika Catchings vs. Mike Conley, Jr. winner?

Total RB’s 1st Round?

Writer Winner
Writer Winner
Marco Cerino Over 0.5
Patrick Everson Over 0.5
Brant James Over 0.5
Evan Bleier Over 0.5
Ameer Tyree Over 0.5
Jimmy Golen Over 0.5
Jared Dubin Under 0.5
Chris Tubbs Under 0.5
Gary Trask Under 0.5
Jarad Wilk Over 0.5
Vinnie Iyer Over 0.5
Matt Rybaltowski Under 0.5
Aaron Oster Under 0.5
David Fucillo Over 0.5
Bill Gelman Under 0.5
Katie Kohler Under 0.5
John Brennan Over 0.5
Daniel Cypra Under 0.5
Dominic Jimenez Over 0.5
Vic Tafur Over 0.5
Danny Donahue Under 0.5
Dave Richard Under 0.5
Connor O'Gara Over 0.5
Christian D'Andrea Over 0.5
Michael Beller Over 0.5
Kyler Koster Under 0.5
Kelley Bydlon Over 0.5
Lou Monaco Under 0.5
Chet Gresham Over 0.5
Kevin McGuire Over 0.5

Will Mike Conley, Jr. make his first shot?

Total RB’s 1st Round?

Writer Answer
Writer Answer
Marco Cerino Under 5.5
Patrick Everson Over 5.5
Brant James Over 5.5
Evan Bleier Over 5.5
Ameer Tyree Under 5.5
Jimmy Golen Over 5.5
Jared Dubin Over 5.5
Chris Tubbs Over 5.5
Gary Trask Over 5.5
Jarad Wilk Over 5.5
Vinnie Iyer Over 5.5
Matt Rybaltowski Over 5.5
Aaron Oster Over 5.5
David Fucillo Under 5.5
Bill Gelman Under 5.5
Katie Kohler Under 5.5
John Brennan Under 5.5
Daniel Cypra Under 5.5
Dominic Jimenez Over 5.5
Vic Tafur Over 5.5
Danny Donahue Over 5.5
Dave Richard Under 5.5
Connor O'Gara Under 5.5
Christian D'Andrea Over 5.5
Michael Beller Over 5.5
Kyler Koster Over 5.5
Kelley Bydlon Over 5.5
Lou Monaco Under 5.5
Chet Gresham Over 5.5
Kevin McGuire Under 5.5

Zach LaVine vs. Paul Pierce winner?

First OL drafted?

Writer Winner
Writer Winner
Marco Cerino Thomas
Patrick Everson Wills Jr.
Brant James Wills. Jr.
Evan Bleier Wirfs
Ameer Tyree Wirfs
Jimmy Golen Wills Jr.
Jared Dubin Wirfs
Chris Tubbs Wirfs
Gary Trask Wirfs
Jarad Wilk Wills Jr.
Vinnie Iyer Wirfs
Matt Rybaltowski Wills Jr.
Aaron Oster Wills Jr.
David Fucillo Wirfs
Bill Gelman Wills Jr.
Katie Kohler Wills Jr.
John Brennan Wirfs
Daniel Cypra Wills Jr.
Dominic Jimenez Wills Jr.
Vic Tafur Thomas
Danny Donahue Wills Jr.
Dave Richard Wills Jr.
Connor O'Gara Wills Jr.
Christian D'Andrea Wirfs
Michael Beller Wills Jr.
Kyler Koster Wirfs
Kelley Bydlon Wills Jr.
Lou Monaco Wills Jr.
Chet Gresham Wirfs
Kevin McGuire Wirfs

Will Paul Pierce make his first shot?

Top 5 traded?

Writer Answer
Writer Answer
Marco Cerino No
Patrick Everson No
Brant James Yes
Evan Bleier No
Ameer Tyree No
Jimmy Golen Yes
Jared Dubin Yes
Chris Tubbs Yes
Gary Trask Yes
Jarad Wilk No
Vinnie Iyer Yes
Matt Rybaltowski Yes
Aaron Oster No
David Fucillo No
Bill Gelman Yes
Katie Kohler No
John Brennan Yes
Daniel Cypra No
Dominic Jimenez Yes
Vic Tafur No
Danny Donahue Yes
Dave Richard Yes
Connor O'Gara No
Christian D'Andrea Yes
Michael Beller Yes
Kyler Koster No
Kelley Bydlon No
Lou Monaco No
Chet Gresham Yes
Kevin McGuire Yes

Chris Paul vs. Allie Quigley winner?

Trades with 1st rounder?

Writer Winner
Writer Winner
Marco Cerino Under 6.5
Patrick Everson Under 6.5
Brant James Under 6.5
Evan Bleier Under 6.5
Ameer Tyree Under 6.5
Jimmy Golen Under 6.5
Jared Dubin Under 6.5
Chris Tubbs Under 6.5
Gary Trask Under 6.5
Jarad Wilk Under 6.5
Vinnie Iyer Under 6.5
Matt Rybaltowski Under 6.5
Aaron Oster Over 6.5
David Fucillo Under 6.5
Bill Gelman Under 6.5
Katie Kohler Under 6.5
John Brennan Under 6.5
Daniel Cypra Under 6.5
Dominic Jimenez Under 6.5
Vic Tafur Under 6.5
Danny Donahue Over 6.5
Dave Richard Under 6.5
Connor O'Gara Under 6.5
Christian D'Andrea Under 6.5
Michael Beller Under 6.5
Kyler Koster Under 6.5
Kelley Bydlon Under 6.5
Lou Monaco Under 6.5
Chet Gresham Under 6.5
Kevin McGuire Under 6.5

Will Chris Paul make his first shot?

Pats draft QB?

Writer Answer
Writer Answer
Marco Cerino No
Patrick Everson No
Brant James Yes
Evan Bleier No
Ameer Tyree Yes
Jimmy Golen No
Jared Dubin No
Chris Tubbs Yes
Gary Trask No
Jarad Wilk No
Vinnie Iyer No
Matt Rybaltowski No
Aaron Oster No
David Fucillo Yes
Bill Gelman Yes
Katie Kohler No
John Brennan No
Daniel Cypra Yes
Dominic Jimenez Yes
Vic Tafur No
Danny Donahue No
Dave Richard No
Connor O'Gara No
Christian D'Andrea No
Michael Beller No
Kyler Koster No
Kelley Bydlon No
Lou Monaco No
Chet Gresham No
Kevin McGuire Yes

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