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Four Nets players are symptom-free of coronavirus

Nets GM confirms Kevin Durant and others who tested positive are clear symptom-free of COVID-19.

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant poses for a portrait during media day at HSS Training Center. Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks announced early Wednesday morning that the four players who tested positive for COVID-19 are now symptom-free of coronavirus, including Kevin Durant.

The Nets had announced that four players tested positive for the virus, including KD, who hasn’t even played this season due to a torn Achilles he suffered last year in the playoffs. It appears KD and the other three players are fine and symptom-free.

It’s odd that this is the second team to come out and announce something of this nature. The language used is symptom-free, but it doesn’t mention if all the players tested negative. Most people who test positive for the coronavirus are asymptomatic and don’t show signs of the illness. The Lakers announced Tuesday that all their players had completed the quarantine period and are symptom-free of COVID-19.