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Clippers lose 124-73 to Mavericks without Kawhi Leonard

The Clippers don’t have Kawhi Leonard, but instead of trying without the All-Star, they’ve mailed it in completely. Dallas is up by ... almost 50?

Paul George of the LA Clippers attempts to block the ball during the game against the Dallas Mavericks on December 27, 2020 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

FINAL: DAL 124, LAC 73 — Should we give Kawhi Defensive Player of the Year now? Is that what you get when your team doesn’t have you can gives 124 in a 51-point loss? How much should we overreact to this loss? I’m asking a lot of questions but all you’re doing is staring blankly into the abyss and not giving me any answers ...

This was a bad game for the Clippers. I don’t know if the score tells the whole story. The Clippers have played 3 games in 6 days to start the season, which isn’t easy. All three games were against playoff-caliber opponents. Okay, we shouldn’t be making excuses for the Clippers. This was a shocking performance. If you’re a contending team without your star player, you don’t lose by 50 points.

The Lakers don’t have Anthony Davis later, do you think LeBron is going to let them lose by 50 points to the Timberwolves? Hell no! So while we shouldn’t overreact to a bad loss like this in terms of Clippers futures, it’s still a bit concerning. It tells you a lot about the supporting cast around Kawhi and about Paul George. We thought he was over the whole “Pandemic P” thing. Maybe he just took the day off like everyone else on the Clippers? I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on!

UPDATE: We’re into the fourth quarter and the Clippers are still trailing by around 50 points. The deficit has bounced up and down, so it doesn’t appear the Clippers will lose by more than 68 points like the worst loss in NBA history. This also looks like the Clippers won’t set a record for the least amount of points in a game in franchise history.

The Los Angeles Clippers may not know they’re playing a basketball game on Sunday, December 27th against the Dallas Mavericks. Well, at least the score would suggest that. The Clippers and Mavericks are somewhere in the second quarter and the Mavericks are up by, well, a lot. As of this writing the deficit is down to a little over 40 points. There was a point not too long ago when the Mavs led by around 50 points.

The Clippers are without All-Star Kawhi Leonard, which is apparently a hall pass to take the day off. Right now, Dallas is leading 62-20 with less than 4:00 left in the half. You’d think the Clippers, being title contenders, would be able to survive a home game against the Mavericks without one superstar. This is apparently not the case. Dallas is shooting around 60 percent from the floor and 44 percent from beyond the arc.

Luka Doncic is working on a first half triple-double and has 15 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists with some time left in the second. Josh Richardson has 13 points. Jalen Brunson has 9 points. The Mavericks are just clicking right now and the Clippers are not. The score is up to 69-23 and Paul George has 11 of those 23 points. I can’t even keep up with the score while writing. The Clippers keep giving up points. They might give up 80 in the half!

Update: So the halftime score is 77-27. A clean 50-point lead for the Mavericks! The live line on the game is Mavs -40, which seems generous that the book is giving the Clippers a full 10 points right now! Things can’t get any worse in the second half, right? Will this be the biggest blowout in NBA history? The worst loss in NBA history was back in 1991, when the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami Heat 148-80 on Dec. 17. This is however the biggest deficit at halftime in NBA history.