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Paul George kicks it out on the wing to a wide open ... referee??? [VIDEO]

Clippers superstar mistakenly passed the ball to a referee, who he must have thought was a teammate in disguise, in the first quarter vs. the Lakers.

Paul George of the LA Clippers on defense during a 125-105 Utah Jazz preseason win at Staples Center on December 17, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers amassed a 20-point lead through the first quarter of their season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday but their first frame wasn’t without mistakes. The often-ridiculed Paul George swung the ball to a ref for a corner three toward the end of the first quarter and appeared to be upset when one of his teammates wasn’t there to spot up. Let’s analyze what happened here.

I can’t help but laugh at George’s Jameis Winston-like squint after his blunder. Did the Ghost of Christmas Past come early this year, or did the ref eerily resemble Luke Kennard? I’m sure there will be plenty of Twitter jokes aiming to explain this unusual play and I’m here for all of them. The NBA is back baby! Wait no more for more Shaqtin A Fool-worthy mistakes from George and other players around the league.