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Christmas came early for the Pelicans with Santa Zion in town [VIDEO]

Rookie gifts entire team custom X-Box systems for holidays.

New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson and guards Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart watch a game against the Los Angeles Clippers from the bench in the first quarter at the Smoothie King Center. Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

‘Tis the season, y’all. Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson hasn’t made his NBA debut, but that doesn’t mean he can’t spread the holiday cheer by giving his ENTIRE TEAM custom X-Box video game systems (I sound like a boomer) for Christmas.

Doesn’t that Zion-Lonzo Ball embrace just melt your little heat? Williamson has been sidelined for his entire rookie season so far, recovering from knee surgery. He did get up some shots at practice earlier, so it appears that he’s close to making his NBA debut for New Orleans.

We’re all patiently waiting for Zion to hit the court, but it’s nice to see that he was able to get his team in good spirits with the Pelicans on a 12-game losing streak heading into a matchup vs. the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night.