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D’Angelo Russell leaves early with injury Friday vs. the Celtics

Warriors guard exits in second half against Boston. We break down the implications of his injury for fantasy basketball and betting.

Golden State Warriors guard D’Angelo Russell celebrates against the Boston Celtics during the first quarter at Chase Center. Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought things were on the up for the Warriors. Golden State has a big lead over the first place Celtics. First the lead evaporates because D’Angelo Russell is making bad decisions, and then the young guard sprains his thumb. It’s getting close to the point where the Dubs should just call the season they can’t catch a break. Russell finished with 12 points, seven assists and NINE turnovers in 25 minutes vs. the Celtics before exiting.

What Impact Would D’Angelo Russell’s Absence Have on the Warriors?

Well, it may actually make them a better overall team and boost some value for the surrounding role players. Draymond Green is having a decent game against Boston and Alec Burks have also filled in nicely as the primary ball-handler. Both would get a chance to shine a bit more with Russell not out there to turn the ball over and soak up shots. Eric Paschall has shown the ability to score and would be asked to do more on offense with no D’LO. Ultimately we’ll have to wait and see if this is serious, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Russell sits out Sunday vs. the Pelicans.