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NBA Betting Markets Available on DraftKings Sportsbook

Julian Edlow highlights the expansive menu of NBA betting markets available on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Milwaukee Bucks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The DraftKings Sportsbook offers an expansive menu of bets you can place on the NBA this season, both for upcoming games and in-game, along with futures offered preseason and in-season. Let’s go through the markets offered.

All odds provided by DraftKings Sportsbook and all odds subject to change.

Game Lines

This is where you’ll find betting lines for upcoming games. You’ll find the lines for games that day, but also potentially some games the next day, and even further into the futures at times (Christmas Day games). You’ll also see tabs to bet on halves, quarters and team totals.


The focal point in the futures tab is generally odds on each team to win the championship, win their conference and win their division. But beyond that, you’re able to bet on division finishing positions for each team, and exact outcomes as to how each division finishes top to bottom. If you’re confident in a team, but don’t think they can actually break through to the NBA Finals, you can also bet on teams to reach a conference final. You can also bet on some even more extreme exact outcome result.


This is where you’ll find over/unders on win totals, as well as YES/NO options on each team to make the playoffs. You can also bet alternate win totals for teams, as well as head-to-head win total matchups between two different teams. There are also more unique sections featuring exact win totals, most regular season wins, most regular season wins at the All-Star break and the longest win streak of the season.


Pretty standard tab here to vote on all the NBA awards. The awards include MVP, Rookie of the Year, Most Improved Player, Coach of the Year, 6th Man and Defensive Player of the Year. One new feature that’s pretty unique is the ability to bet on players to be named to the first team All-NBA.

Records Breaker

This section is completely dedicated to LeBron James, who is in position to become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. You can bet on when, where and how LeBron will surpass the record.

Team Specials

This is a unique tab offering different betting combinations for each team throughout the season. All 30 teams have a handful of offerings, pending popularity. For example, you can bet on Jayson Tatum to average 28+ PPG and the Celtics to win their division at +370.

Conference Seeding

This section gives bettors the ability to bet over/unders on seeding for each team in their conference. If you want to get more aggressive, you can place bets on teams to finish in an exact seed.

Player Stats

This tab offers over/under bets on player statistical categories, along with the ability to bet on which player leads certain statistical categories. You can also place bets on some season-long player head-to-heads.

Game Props

Game props takes us back to betting specific games. Opening night games are already available. You can bet races to 10, 15, 20 points and beyond in each quarter.

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