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Yankees SP Carlos Rodon blows a kiss to booing fans after latest rough outing

Things haven’t gone as planned for New York’s newest ace since he signed that big free agent deal over the winter, and tensions are running high.

New York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon pitching during an MLB baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels played on July 19, 2023 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Every time you think that, surely, this must be rock bottom for the 2023 New York Yankees, things somehow find a way to get worse. The latest indignity came Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Angels, when the Yankees sent prized offseason acquisition Carlos Rodon to the mound with the hope of putting an end to their three-game losing skid ... only to watch the star lefty get shelled for six runs on four hits and five walks in just 4.1 innings of work. (With how mightily New York’s lineup has struggled without Aaron Judge, six runs might as well be 15.)

It’s the second rough outing in a row for Rodon, who certainly hasn’t been what the Yankees or their fans were hoping for after he signed a six-year, $162 million deal last December. In fact, nothing has been what the Yankees or their fans have hoped, with the team mired in last place and losing ground in the AL East and AL Wild Card races one humiliating loss at a time. And so, as Rodon walked off the mound, some of those fans who made the trip to Angel Stadium on Wednesday night decided to shower the pitcher with boos. Rodon, for his part, said hello right back:

Look, Rodon has to be more frustrated than anyone with how both he and his new team have been playing; tempers are running high in right now, no one likes to get booed, we don’t know what else fans were saying to him, and it’s certainly understandable that the All-Star would want to respond in some way. If anything, we’re lucky it was as cheeky as blowing a kiss.

But still: come on, Carlos. You have to know how this is going to look, and that there’s never any winning the moment an athlete decides to get into it with a fan. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is — the only thing to do is to bite your tongue and get to the dugout as quickly as possible. Maybe Rodon can use this as motivation to find his 2022 form — this was just his third start of the season after missing months due to multiple injuries, after all — but we know better than to expect anything positive from these Yankees right now.