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Tim Anderson, Josh Donaldson offer explanations for benches clearing in White Sox-Yankees game Saturday [VIDEO]

The Yankees and the White Sox do not like each other.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Tim Anderson sheds more light on what happened between the White Sox and Yankees Saturday. He and Donaldson have some history, as noted below, so obviously there’s some tension there which didn’t help when it came to Donaldson’s comments.

And Donaldson has his own explanation for what happened.

Donaldson has expressed an apology for his comments and a willingness to meet with Anderson for an explanation. He’s also talked to his teammates about what happened.

Things have gotten chippy between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees over the past week and the benches between the two ballclubs cleared once again this afternoon at Yankee Stadium.

As you can see, Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson was having a war of words with White Sox catcher Yasmani Grandal at the plate, escalating to both dugouts and bullpens spilling out on the field.

Chicago shortstop Tim Anderson in particular was heated and his beef with Donaldson goes back to their matchup in Chicago last Friday when the third baseman tagged him in the hip a little bit too hard. Both benches cleared in that exchange.

That carried over into today’s contest where they exchanged words while walking off the field in the middle of the third inning.

White Sox infielder Josh Harrison would then be hit by a pitch in the top of the fourth, furthering hostilities for the small fracas in the fifth inning.

We’ll see if we have any more exchanges throughout the weekend. The two teams are scheduled to collide in a doubleheader at Yankee Stadium on Sunday.