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Cody Bellinger won #1 pick in Dodgers fantasy football draft on closest to pin golf shot

The Dodgers fantasy football league has a fun way for determining draft order.

Cody Bellinger celebrates after hitting a golf ball closest to the pin to claim the #1 pick in the Dodgers fantasy football draft.

There are a host of ways fantasy football leagues will decide the No. 1 pick for the annual draft. In keeper and dynasty leagues, it is usually based on previous year’s finishing order. If you do a re-draft league each year, it is often drawing names from a hat or otherwise coming up with a random selection.

The Los Angeles Dodgers take the cake for a fun way to figure it out: a closest to the pin competition! Baseball players are notorious for playing a lot of golf, and so it is no surprise they would use golf competition to compete for something like draft order.

This year, Cody Bellinger secured the victory, but it was from an almost Happy Gilmore-esque type of shot. The team sent out someone to be the “pin” and whomever got their ball closest would win the No. 1 pick. Bellinger apparently overshot the “pin” but managed to get a seriously friendly bounce off the pavilion and roll back to end up closest to the “pin.”

Head to the 1:16 mark of this video to see Bellinger take his shot, then everybody laugh at how far he hit it, then Bellinger go crazy when the ball rolled to the pin. Gotta love it!

The big question now is if he goes with Christian McCaffrey or if he rolls the dice with someone else.