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Orioles-Nationals in rain delay and Washington grounds crew is struggling [VIDEO]

The Nationals Park ground crew is having a heck of a day trying to get the tarp out.

The Baltimore Orioles lead the Washington Nationals 5-2 in the sixth inning at Nationals Park, and the game has gone into a rain delay. Normally that would be nothing to write home about, but the Nationals Park ground crew is having a not so good afternoon.

The crew is attempting to roll out the tarp to cover the infield, and they’re having a difficult time. They rolled out the tarp incorrectly and it has resulted in a mess of things amidst a brief downpour in Washington, D.C.

I once worked for a minor league baseball team as an intern, and part of our duties was rolling out the tarp during rain delays. We generally did OK with it, but once in a while there would be a debacle. It was usually never this bad, but sometimes things just go sideways.