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Report: MLB players counter with 89-game season at prorated salaries

We break down the players’ latest counter proposal as Major League Baseball tries to get on track for its 2020 season.

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants

The Major League Baseball Players Association submitted their latest counter-proposal to the owners, and they have inched a little bit closer, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan. The players had previously proposed a 114-game season, but moved to 89 games with this counter, with full 89-game prorated salaries.

The owners countered the players’ 114-game offer with one that included 76 games and would have players earn 75 percent of their salaries if the season made it through the playoffs. If the playoffs were canceled due to a second wave of Covid-19, players would earn 50 percent of their salaries. The players have stuck to their contention they should receive full pro-rated salaries as agreed on back in March.

The owners are not expected to agree to this proposal, but it does show movement on the players’ side. The question now is if the owners will show some willingness to move on their end, or if they’ll hold out for a shorter season of prorated salaries. The owners want to further cut into players’ salaries the longer the season lasts because of lost revenue at the gate.

One other bone of contention is when the season would end. The owners have said they believe the regular season must end by September 27th due to concerns about a second wave of the virus in early November. ESPN is reporting the players’ latest offer would have the season start on July 10 and end on October 11th.