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Report: MLB players submitted economics proposal to owners on Sunday

MLB is trying to get started by early July. We break down the latest news of the players submitting their economics proposal.

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Cuban National Team - Major League Baseball En La Habana

Major League Baseball players and owners are negotiating the economics of restarting the 2020 season, and players have countered the owners proposal. Earlier this week, owners submitted a proposal with extensive salary cuts, starting small and increasing as salaries go up.

Players were not happy with the owners’ proposal, and player rep Max Scherzer said there was no reason to engage further on further compensation reductions. On Sunday, the players made their proposal, and they followed through based on some of the details out there.

Owners have been concerned about a second wave of Covid-19 wiping out the postseason later this fall. With no fans in attendance at games this season, playoff television money is where owners will make a sizable chunk of their revenue. The players are offering deferrals if the playoffs get canceled. They are not offering the kinds of pay cuts the owners want, but this offer gives the owners some leeway if things go south in the fall.

The two sides will continue negotiations this week. There is some thought they need a deal done in the next week or so to get the season started the first week of July.