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Tracking results for 2020 MLB Dream Bracket

MLB is partnering with DraftKings to present the MLB Dream Bracket. All-time rosters for 30 franchises, the Negro League, and a youth squad compete in a bracket-style tournament to determine the best team of all time. The series are simulated through Out of the Park Baseball 21, and we will have all the results and standings for the MLB Dream Bracket.

MLB Dream Bracket logo

The delayed start to the 2020 Major League Baseball regular season has resulted in MLB coming up with a fun way to engage fans. The league is presenting the MLB Dream Bracket tournament, presented by DraftKings.

The MLB Dream Bracket features all-time rosters across baseball history competing to crown the best team in the history of the sport. The tournament features rosters for all 30 franchises, as well as a Negro League All Star Team, and a roster of the best current players 25-and-under. The teams face off in a 32-team bracket-style tournament with each game simulated by Out of the Park Baseball 21. Select matchups are being streamed at MLB’s Twitch channel.

We’ll be tracking the full results of the tournament, and providing a daily schedule to keep you up to date on this fun tournament. You can get involved on your end, making predictions at DraftKings Sportsbook’s pools.

Friday, April 24th schedule

3pm: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies: Stream
4:30pm: Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers: Stream
4:30pm: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Cincinnati Reds: Stream
5pm: Miami Marlins vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: No stream

Bracket Results

1st round

White Sox def. Royals, 4-1
Blue Jays def. Twins, 4-1
A’s def. Rays, 4-2
Astros def. Orioles, 4-0
Yankees def. Mariners, 4-2: Video
Red Sox def. Rangers, 4-3: Video
Indians def. Negro League All-Stars, 4-3: Video
Reds def. Nationals, 4-3: Video

Tigers def. Angels, 4-3
Phillies def. 25U, 4-1
Cubs def. Mets, 4-1
Marlins def. Braves, 4-1
Dodgers def. Padres, 4-1
Pirates def. D-backs, 4-2: Video
Cardinals def. Rockies, 4-2: Video
Brewers def. Giants, 4-2: Video

Round of 16

Red Sox def. Blue Jays, 4-2: Video
Yankees def. Indians, 4-3: Video
Astros def. Tigers, 4-2: Video
White Sox def. A’s, 4-1