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Tracking results for 2020 MLB: The Show players tournament

MLB and the MLB Players Association have set up a video game tournament to keep players and fans entertained. We will have all the results and standings for the MLB: The Show 20 players’ tournament.

Quarterfinals, Semifinals results

Blake Snell defeated Gavin Lux and Jeff McNeil defeated Dwight Smith, Jr., both two games to zero. Ian Happ defeated Joey Gallo and Lucas Giolito defeated Bo Bichette, both two games to one.

Snell then defeated McNeil in the semifinals 2-1, coming back from a 1-0 deficit. Giolito beat Happ 2-1 as well. Snell and Giolito will face off in Sunday’s championship series.

Playoff bracket set

The MLB The Show Players League finished up its regular season on Wednesday, and the playoff bracket is set for this weekend. The quarterfinals are set to air at 10 p.m. ET on Friday on FS1 and 3 p.m. ET on Saturday on ESPN2. The first semifinal matchup will immediately follow the conclusion of the quarterfinals on ESPN2, and the second semifinal will air at 8 p.m. ET that night on FS1. The quarterfinals and semifinals are best of 3 series. The championship series is scheduled for Sunday on ESPN and is best of 5.

#1 Blake Snell (24-5), Tampa Bay Rays vs. #8 Gavin Lux (19-10), Los Angeles Dodgers

#2 Joey Gallo (23-6), Texas Rangers vs. #7 Ian Happ (19-10), Chicago Cubs

#3 Bo Bichette (21-8), Toronto Blue Jays vs. #6 Lucas Giolito (19-10), Chicago White Sox

#4 Jeff McNeil (21-8), New York Mets vs. #5 Dwight Smith Jr. (19-10), Baltimore Orioles

The delayed start to the 2020 MLB regular season has resulted in players and the league coming up with new ways to engage fans. Major League Baseball, the MLB Players Association, and Sony Interactive Entertainment have launched a players’ only tournament in “MLB: The Show 20.”

Each day through April 28th, a combination of 30 players will play four 3-inning games per day on “MLB: The Show 20.” That will be followed by a playoff and World Series, with money going to various Boys & Girls Clubs in each player’s city.

The tournament got started Friday evening, with all contests streamed on player and team Twitch channels. We’ll be tracking the results throughout the tournament, which is broken up by division for each of the 30 players. is posting video and has a full schedule of the tournament to follow along. They also include links to player Twitch and YouTube accounts.

Top 8 MLB: The Show tournament

Player Record Magic Number
Player Record Magic Number
Gallo 23-4 x
Snell 21-4 x
Bichette 19-7 2
Lux 18-7 3
McNeil 17-7 4
Kahnle 17-8 4
Smith Jr. 19-10 2
Giolito 17-9 7

The Field, MLB: The Show tournament

Player Record Games Behind
Player Record Games Behind
Happ 16-9 0.5
Tatis Jr. 17-11 1
Garrett 17-11 1
May 15-10 1.5
Hader 16-11 1.5
Soto 15-12 2.5
Duplantier 14-12 3
Luzardo 14-15 4.5
Phillips 13-14 4.5
Jackson 12-13 4.5
McCullers Jr. 11-13 5

The Field 20-30, MLB: The Show tournament

Player Record
Player Record
Hoskins 11-16
Carpenter 11-16
Pence 10-16
Stanek 9-18
Edwards Jr. 7-16
Goodrum 7-19
Santana 7-20
Buttrey 6-20
Dahl 6-20
Tucker 5-20
Rodriguez 2-23