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DraftKings NFL Draft Memories: Our analysts pull back the curtain on their experiences

Our DraftKings analysts to bring you their own personal memories from their experience being drafted into the NFL.

DraftKings Network had you covered for 2023 NFL Draft with our live Pro Picks Night show featuring Golic & Smetty’s Mike Golic Sr., GoJo’s Mike Golic Jr. and a host of DraftKings analysts.

But we also got some of our analysts to share some of their personal NFL Draft memories.

Mike Golic Sr. remembers waiting so long to get picked that he got drunk, sobered up and then got drunk again (he was the No. 255 pick in the 10th round of the 1985 NFL Draft). He said by the time he got selected he was just happy to get a call from a GM letting him know he had been drafted. Things seemed to work out pretty well for Mike Sr., we have to say.

Former second-round pick Shaun King (No. 50 overall in 1999) remembers having a house full of relatives. He said he didn’t go as high as he anticipated going, but he was convinced after a great meeting that he was going to the San Francisco 49ers and was going to be the next Joe Montana. When the Niners got on the clock he told everyone to be ready and to keep the phone lines open. And then? The 49ers selected Reggie McGrew. Sad trombone.

VSiN’s Mike Pritchard says he didn’t have any expectations going into his Draft Day. The former first-round pick (No. 13 overall in 1991). Being drafted so high in the first round was not something that he or his agent were aware of.

Some of our analysts did agree that the Draft has become something way different than what they experienced. Mike Sr. compared it to a “procedure,” while Pritchard said handling the buzz, handling the attention is something completely different now that the Draft is a prime-time event. King said the difference for him would be that more people would know who he is. He notes that in 1999, his alma mater Tulane was not on TV. But if it had been, he thinks that with his on-point hairline and great cheekbone structure, he could have made a few more bucks off the field.

And of course, not all of our analysts were drafted.

Mike Golic Jr. (signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers after the 2013 NFL Draft) admits that his expectations on Draft weekend were pretty realistic. Mike thought that maybe there was an outside chance he would be drafted, but his agent at the time was honest and said he would probably be a priority free agent. Mike said his mindset was that he just needed to get somewhere and get an opportunity to make a team. He did get some calls, including from the Dolphins who did their research on him. They didn’t draft or sign him, but Mike points out that it’s the effort and thought that counts and he appreciates that. Mike said that as teams did begin calling him, it wasn’t really about anybody else, it was about what he had the opportunity to do. Mike says that looking back on the process, he feels like he can sleep well at night knowing the way he approached it.

Ross Tucker (signed with Washington after the 2001 NFL Draft) said he knew he wasn’t going to get drafted. Ross admits that he just sat there all day for the entire weekend. At the end of the day he was just hoping to get signed somewhere, but his agent told him it was 50-50. After an hour passed with no call, Ross just assumed he wasn’t getting signed. Eventually, his agent did call and, after a dinner delay, informed Ross he was the newest member of the Washington football team. Ross said it was a top 10 moment in his life when he ran and told his buddies he had gotten signed.

Of course, Charlotte Wilder had her own wild story.

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