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Golic & Smetty discuss NBA playoffs, Jalen Hurts and the wild ‘Love is Blind’ reunion

Mike Golic and Jessica Smetana discuss the NBA and NHL playoffs. They also discuss Draymond Green, Jalen Hurts and Anthony Bass taking on airline etiquette.

This is playoff season, as both the NBA and the NHL have their respective playoffs underway. NFL free agency is still ongoing, as we are about a week away from the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Along with the high-profile sports world, the entertainment world has been in the news with another episode of Succession and the failed Love is Bind live reunion on Netflix. All of this is covered on the latest episode of Golic & Smetty.

This episode of Golic & Smetty begins with the duo welcoming the NBA Playoffs and the NHL Playoffs that have just gotten underway. They take on the controversial airline discussion brought around by pitcher Anthony Bass about who the responsible party on an airline is when young children make an extra mess. Jess details her golf tournament viewing strategy and discusses the recent RBC Heritage, which she attended. The pair talks about Draymond Green, Jalen Hurts and the Boston Bruins.

Show Breakdown

  • Jess recaps her time at the RBC Heritage
  • Anthony Bass vs. airlines, what is proper etiquette? Mike is team airlines!
  • NHL playoffs: is there anything better than overtime playoff hockey?
  • Jalen Hurts gets PAID: what does that mean for Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert?
  • “Love is Blind” and “Succession” recaps


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