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What Are the Best Bets for March Madness?

Julian Edlow joins Golic & Smetty to break down this year’s March Madness brackets and give some picks. 

It’s the best time of the year as the first round of the Men’s NCAA Tournament is mere minutes away, and to celebrate the occasion Golic & Smetty invited DraftKings contributor and Unreasonable Odds host Julian Edlow to the show. Apart from learning that Julian prefers using paper and pen to fill out his bracket, the conversation included some revealing insights into who each of them were picking to go deep in the tourney this year (spoiler alert: Jess is somehow backing Virginia?), as well as Julian’s admission that he’s not totally sold on any one team to be the clear cut winner of a region.

That said, he does point out that Alabama, Gonzaga, and UConn all have strong paths to the Elite Eight, while Purdue just very well might be the first of the #1 seeds to be upset. Mike, on the other hand, believes Houston will be the first top seed to fall. Listen to the conversation in its entirety below (25:20 to 43:28).

Elsewhere, Mike and Jessica make up for lost time and catch up on a number of topics beyond the immediate specter of March Madness looming over our collective attention, including the following:

  • A conversation over the moral dilemma that hangs over the finale of The Last of Us, as well as the latest season of Netflix’s hit show Drive to Survive that coincides with F1 coming back this weekend.
  • A breakdown of their picks for the NCAA Women’s Tournament and looking beyond heavy favorite South Carolina to other standouts including UConn, Iowa, Indiana, Virginia Tech, and Stanford.
  • NFL free agents securing the bag this offseason, with the Bears and Raiders emerging as the biggest movers and shakers over the opening window of free agency.


NCAA Tournament betting preview with Julian Edlow plus NFL guys getting the bag in free agency

  • Golic & Smetty skip Spring Break and continue the grind by recapping The Last of Us, the Women’s Tournament and NFL Free Agency. DraftKings’ analyst and host of the Unreasonable Odds podcast, Julian Edlow, joins the show to break down the Men’s bracket and who he is betting on the next two weeks. Plus, Mike and Jess look at Aaron Rodgers’ situation, Lamar Jackson’s negotiations and the rest of the NFL free agency frenzy.

You can watch the full episode of the latest episode below …


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