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Golic & Smetty recap the Vikings on MNF and another USC loss

Mike Golic Sr. returns with co-host Jess Smetana to talk coffee, 49ers/Vikings and USC.

USC vs Utah in Los Angeles, CA

What is going on with the San Francisco 49ers? First, they lose to PJ Walker and the Cleveland Browns. Then, they faced the Minnesota Vikings for Week 7’s edition of Monday Night Football. Kirk Cousins in primetime is certainly something to consider, but the 49ers are coming off back-to-back losses, and Brock Purdy is in the concussion protocol.

Speaking of losses, USC lost again, putting their CFP and Pac-12 title hopes in extreme jeopardy. Mike Golic Sr. re-joins Jess Smetana after a few weeks off, and the duo begins the episode talking coffee, the fallout from Monday night football and what chance USC has the rest of the season, especially if Caleb Williams decides to sit out.

Michigan is in the headlines again, and Golic Sr. and Smetana discuss if they are the New England Patriots of college football. Smetana takes the lead in bashing the NCAA, and the pair wonders if this is the impetus that sends Jim Harbaugh back to the NFL.

The episode wraps as they discuss the most recent Las Vegas Aces Championship win and the F1 drama after Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were disqualified from the US Grand Prix.

Show Breakdown