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Darius Rucker joins GoJo and Golic to talk college football, Dolphins

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcomed the country superstar to discuss working with College GameDay, items on his bucket list and more.

Music superstar Darius Rucker joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. on Thursday’s edition of GoJo and Golic to discuss college football, College GameDay, the Dolphins and more.

Right off the bat, Darius is still in his feelings from having to sit and watch his beloved Gamecocks fall to the Fighting Irish in the Gator Bowl ... while sitting next to the Golics.

“Man, when we were beating you guys for three quarters it was so awesome, and then you guys started to win and y’all were jerks,” Darius said laughing, with Mike Sr. noting that Darius TOTALLY wasn’t being a jerk at all when his team was winning.

Darius will have even more ties to college football this season as one of the new voices of the “Comin’ To Your City” College GameDay theme in addition to singing the National Anthem this weekend at the South Carolina-UNC game.

Darius noted that he’s been saying for years that he needs to write a song they could use on College GameDay and then he was approached to work on “Comin’ To Your City” and it was an honor since it’s on every Saturday morning before people starting watching college football. He said it’s just really cool to be a part of it.

When asked by Mike Sr. if there’s anything left on his bucket list, the country superstar said playing at halftime or doing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl are definitely on the list. He also confirmed that, yes, if his Dolphins were in the Super Bowl and he sang the National Anthem he would 100 percent be crying.

Going back to South Carolina, Darius said the team is moving on up and it feels good to have Shane Beamer there and committed to the program and wanting to be there for a long time. He said the SEC is tough and the Gamecocks know they’re not going to dominate like Alabama or Georgia perhaps, but they’d like to have at least a moment in the sun where they can do something special and he thinks Beamer will bring that to the program.

As for the Dolphins, Mike Sr. notes that there are a lot of high expectations even in a tough division. Darius likes the Dolphins' chances, as long as Tua Tagovailoa can stay healthy.

Darius also talked about playing golf with new division rival Aaron Rodgers, saying he’s awesome to hang around with, can really play golf and is just a cool dude to be around.

“I’ve never been around Aaron when I didn’t have a good time,” Darius said.

Darius also has a new album coming out on October 6, entitled Carolyn’s Boy, after his late mother. He said he’s very excited as it has been about six years since he last put a record out and an artist is always excited to have people hear their new music. He said a ton of emotion went into the album as when you decide you’re going to name it something like that you really want to deliver something special. He noted that his mom died young and never got to see any of his success, so this is his way to pay tribute to her.

Don’t forget that DraftKings Network’s Hurry-Up House Party is underway and the Golics will be hosting a very special episode from the road for the NFL season opener, as GoJo and Golic: Kickoff in Kansas City will be broadcast live from Arrowhead Stadium from 4-7 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 7!


Hour 1: Nebraska Volleyball... It’s giving chills, Joe Burrow is Back, and Bryce Harper hits 300 home runs

  • GoJo and Golic are pumped today after seeing the sights and sounds from (02:00) Nebraska Volleyball, who set a world attendance record at Memorial Stadium in spectacular fashion last night. (19:34) Joe Burrow returns to practice for the Cincinnati Bengals after being out since July 27th with an injured calf. (21:00) Chris Jones continues his holdout with the Chiefs. Why is Kansas City dragging its feet paying the best Defensive Lineman? (25:49) Baily Zappe resigned with New England after the Patriots cut him and QB Malik Cunningham on Tuesday. (28:48) We hear from Anthony Edwards who is filled with confidence as Team USA remains undefeated at the FIBA World Cup. (31:38) NBA Ref Eric Lewis retires, ending the NBA’s investigation into Lewis for allegedly having a burner Twitter account that would argue with fans and defend NBA refs. Inspired by Eric Lewis, whose burner was “Blair Cutliff,” Gojo, Golic, and Jessie reveal their go-to pseudonyms. (38:36) Bryce Harper becomes the 158th MLB player to hit 300 home runs.

Hour 2: Darius Rucker on singing new College GameDay Anthem, his Gamecocks & Dolphins and his new album “Carolyn’s Boy” + Nicole Auerbach on CFB Commissioners Meeting to adjust Playoff format

(00:30) Deion Sanders is tired of hearing people ask about the ‘culture’ of his college football teams. (04:11) Darius Rucker joins the show! Darius talks to GoJo and Golic about singing the national anthem at the Duke’s Mayo Classic as his alma mater, South Carolina faces off against North Carolina and what it’s like being the new voice of the “Coming to Your City” College Gameday anthem. (07:03) GoJo asks Darius what it’s been like being a South Carolina fan since Shane Beamer took over as Head Coach for the Gamecocks. While Golic asks the country music star about his NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, Darius reveals he has a close personal relationship with the newest QB1 in the AFC East (*whispers* Aaron Rodgers). (09:55) Darius Rucker’s new album “Carolyn’s Boy” is his first solo record in 6 years; GoJo asks him about the process of making the album and how excited his for the world to hear it. (11:21) The guys also talk to Darius about their DraftKings Fantasy Football League that they’ve been in long before GoJo and Golic worked for DraftKings.(21:50) Nicole Auerbach, Sr. Writer for The Athletic and College Football Reporter for NBC Sports, makes her GoJo and Golic debut to update us on the CFB conference commissioners meeting to discuss adjusting the proposed College Football Playoff format. (25:30) After a serious round of conference realignment, Nicole touches on the bad blood between conference commissioners at these in-person meetings. (27:50) Before she leaves, Nicole updates us on which teams are closer to joining the ACC. (30:30) “That’s pretty neat!” Denver Broncos OL Cody Ford made the 53-man roster on Tuesday, and his significant other caught his reaction on camera.(34:40) With College Football officially starting tonight, GoJo and Golic go on wax with their College Football Playoff predictions for this season. (40:25) This, That, and the Third: US Open players complain that NYC is too “loud,” a Cleveland Browns fan grabs a possum by its tail in the stadium, and Rookie Ravens WR Zay Flowers’ signing bonus causes OBJ to fallout.


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