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Bruce Arians joins GoJo and Golic to talk Bucs, Baker Mayfield

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcomed the former Buccaneers head coach and current senior consultant to discuss a new era in Tampa Bay and more.

Former Super Bowl-winning coach Bruce Arians joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. on Tuesday’s edition of GoJo and Golic to discuss the Bucs’ transition to the post-Tom Brady era and his own from the field to the front office.

When asked about that transition from Tom Brady to Baker Mayfield under center, Arians noted that every team is new to start the year and you never have the same guys every year. He did say it is a new beginning, but it’s not like they’re starting over with a guy who has never played in the NFL before. Arians also noted that he thinks the Bucs’ QB room is solid and that he’s been a Baker Mayfield fan for a while, dating back to his pre-Bucs days when he was doing work with CBS.

Mike Sr. asked that when it comes to building a team, are potential long-term problems worth it as long as you win a Super Bowl?

“I would say yes,” Arians said. He did note that he thinks Bucs GM Jason Licht has done an “amazing job of keeping the core of young players and not overselling the farm for the Super Bowl.” Arians said that he thinks the Bucs are still a very good, young football team.

Mike Jr. asked Arians about his own transition from being the head coach down on the field working with players to being in the front office as a senior football consultant. Arians said he got weaned off it just right last season, going to practice every day, going to every game and then going off and playing golf. Arians admitted that he thought he was around way too much last season and this year he has stayed away more, instead speaking with Licht on the phone and watching film from home. He said he is anxious to watch this year’s Bucs squad, noting that he thinks they’re really talented defensively and that he likes where they are headed offensively.

Meanwhile, Tuesday was cut down day and Mike Jr. shared his own cut day story. Naturally, it involves a sandwich.

Don’t forget that the Golics will be hosting a very special episode from the road for the NFL season opener, as GoJo and Golic: Kickoff in Kansas City will be broadcast live from Arrowhead Stadium from 4-7 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 7!


Hour 1: Bruce Arians on Cut Day & Bucs going from Brady to Baker + Jim Harbaugh’s Revenue Share Comments, Ohtani’s injury and Mookie’s bets

  • On Day 2 of GoJo and Golic, the guys discuss NFL teams cutting their rosters from 90 to the final 53-man roster. (10:50) Jessie updates the Golics on the Arizona Cardinals releasing Colt McCoy, and the guys discuss Kyler Murray’s future as well as the tank for Caleb talk on Twitter. (20:07) They discuss Jim Harbaugh’s 6-minute statement calling for revenue share for student-athletes and Nick Saban won’t release the Alabama depth chart. Also, Ohtani can’t pitch thanks to a UCL injury, and Mookie Betts is the favorite to win NL MVP on DraftKings. (40:30) GoJo, Golic, and Jessie welcome Super Bowl-winning Head Coach Bruce Arians to talk about the QB battle in Tampa Bay.

Hour 2: Senior vs The Internet: Poopy Pants or Monkey Madness?, Matthew Stafford can’t relate to kids, Pressure’s on Thick Tua, and GoJo fixes USA vs. The World Debate

  • Back for Hour Two! (00:30) Jessie asks GoJo and Golic if we should be concerned with 35-year-old Matt Stafford having trouble related to young players in the locker room. (09:39) Ryan Clark apologized for calling Tua Thick, but the comment struck a chord with Miami’s QB. The gang discusses if Tua is the QB under the most pressure this season. (19:20) After NBA stars weighed in on the conversation Noah Lyles began saying, ‘There are no flags in the NBA,’ GoJo, Golic, and Jessie revisited the debate, and Guess what? GoJo has a solution. (29:31) NEW GAME! Senior vs. The Internet! GoJo and Jessie present Mike Golic Sr with some recent viral moments including a podcaster’s poopy pants, a monkey destroying a hotel room, and LA Chargers’ mascot Boltman getting sentimental at the Pro Football HoF. (39:30) - This, That, and the Third: Simone Biles wins her 8th National Championship, Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s new German Shepard-sized robot guard dog named ‘Benzi, and Netflix celebrates its 26th Birthday.


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