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NFL Draft Analysis: How will Anthony Richardson fare with the Colts?

Mike Golic Sr., Mike Golic Jr. and Charlotte Wilder discuss the Colts’ new QB1 at No. 4.

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Golic & Smetty’s Mike Golic Sr., GoJo’s Mike Golic Jr. and Charlotte Wilder joined the Pro Picks Night show to break down the 2023 NFL Draft and broke down what they thought of the Colts’ selection of Anthony Richardson at No. 4 overall.

Mike Sr. was NOT that surprised by the selection and loves Richardson’s game.

While Minshew Magic should still be in effect to start the season — glorious mullet, mustache and all — Mike Sr. says it’s all going to be about the experience for Richardson. He needs to see coverages over and over again. Mike Sr. says he doesn’t care how great of an athlete you are, which we all knew he was going to be at the combine, you have got to recognize defenses a second before the snap, a second after the snap, make lightning quick decisions and throw through a tiny window. Which Mike Sr. says will take some time.

Mike Jr. also notes that he thinks Richardson was better with the Gators than he gets credit for. Mike Jr. says he gets the “raw” label, but you also have to consider the situation he was in at Florida. Mike Jr. says that what you see on tape is a guy who moves around well and clean in the pocket and that when he’s under duress he actually responds well. Mike Jr. says he has all the tools and his development will really come with more reps.

Charlotte also argues that Richardson has been bearing the brunt of other people’s mistakes (i.e. his receiving corps) and that he’s got an incredible arm.

Watch the segment below for their full analysis!


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