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NFL Draft Analysis: How much did the Texans improve with the addition of C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson?

Mike Golic Sr., Mike Golic Jr. and Charlotte Wilder discuss the Texans’ big night and the impact of their pair of Top 3 picks moving forward.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Golic & Smetty’s Mike Golic Sr., GoJo’s Mike Golic Jr. and Charlotte Wilder joined the Pro Picks Night show to break down the 2023 NFL Draft and had plenty of thoughts about what the Houston Texans were doing to kick off the night.

Charlotte loves the CHAOS of the Texans immediately moving back up to go back to back following their No. 2 overall selection of Stroud.

Charlotte thinks it’s a power move by the Texans to move back up and a sign to their fanbase — and the NFL at large — that they’re not messing around. Mike Sr. agrees and that with a new coach and these picks, the fanbase should get re-energized and they needed this.

Mike Jr. says that he loves that we didn’t overthink Will Anderson Jr. Mike Jr. says Anderson has been ruthlessly efficient and that he plays like a Terminator. Mike Jr. says Anderson is a complete player right away who you can build around. And Mike Sr. adds that with Will Anderson, you believe the tape. Charlotte is also glad that the Texans saw through all the smoke screens and didn’t galaxy brain themselves.

Watch the segment below for their full analysis!


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