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GoJo needs YOU to help pick our Some Shining Moments champion!

The GoJo podcast takes a look back at the year that was in the world of sports, music, pop culture and God’s internet and looks to crown a champion.

65th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In honor of the biggest tournament of the year, we decided it was only right to look back so we could go forward. The result was a collection of Some Shining Moments from the past year in the world of sports, music, pop culture and God’s internet. After carefully considering their resumes, plenty of debate amongst the committee, and an arduous seeding process, we’ve finally nailed down the proper tournament field to decide once and for all what was the biggest, most impactful moment from the last year? What rocked the world, got people talking, went viral or impressed us so much that it deserves to be crowned Champion? THIS. IS MARCH.

YOU will help crown our champion! Each matchup will be posted as a part of a poll from our show’s Twitter account (@GoJoShow) where it will run for 24 hours. Once democracy has prevailed, the winner will advance to the next round and the next poll. We’ll update the results every week on the podcast and continue the voting round by round throughout all of March Madness until we arrive at our champion leading up to the weekend of the actual Final Four in college basketball.

Here are the categories:

1 Seeds

A — Tom Brady retirement saga

  • 2 retirements later, no one is really sure if he’s done anymore.

B — Taylor Swift album, tour, Ticketmaster

  • New music, a stadium tour, and an entire day spent in a 2,000-person online queue for tickets.

C — The Slap

  • A top 5 Twitter night all time that overstayed its welcome.

D — Elon Buying Twitter

  • I still don’t quite understand what’s going on, and I’m not sure he does either.

2 Seeds

A — LeBron passing Kareem

  • Ignore that it happened in the third quarter of a loss to OKC.

B — Beyonce Renaissance

  • New Music from Beyonce is the only sure good thing in this world.

C — Top Gun: Maverick

  • Did you know Tom Cruise can really fly those planes?

D — ChatGPT/AI

  • The beginning of the end.

3 seeds

A — The Kelce Brothers

  • Picked a great year to start a podcast.

B — Rihanna SB halftime

  • The greatest pregnancy announcement … ever?

C — Stranger Things x Kate Bush

  • A TV moment so big it made a song from 1985 trend on the charts.

D — Pete Davidson Dating Roster

  • Eli Manning is technically part of this list, I don’t make the rules.

4 Seeds

A — Messi vs Mbappe WC Final

  • Likely the best sporting event of the entire year.

B — Taylor Hawkins' son playing drums with Foo Fighters

  • Not a dry eye in the house.

C — Don’t Worry Darling drama

  • Never cared so much about a movie I was never going to see.

D — Loss of Queen Elizabeth

  • RIP.

5 seeds

A — Georgia going back to back

  • Glad we can stop talking about that 2012 Notre Dame game now.

B — Harry’s House

  • Still waiting to hear Music for a Sushi Restaurant … in a sushi restaurant.

C — Sherlly Lee Ralph Emmy acceptance song speech

  • Singing your Emmy acceptance speech? We stan.

D — Selena vs. Hailey Bieber Drama

  • The love triangle that just won’t go away.

6 seeds

A — Brooklyn Nets imploding

  • The Super Team that never was.

B — Lizzo playing James Madison’s crystal flute

  • Lizzo simply does the coolest thing possible at all times.

C — The Last Of Us episode 3

  • Bill and Frank forever.

D — Harry and Meghan keep telling all

  • I’ll just wait for this season of The Crown.

7 seeds

A — Brock Purdy

  • Mr. Irrelevant giving high school football coaches material FOREVER.

B — Corn Kid

  • It has the juice!

C — JLo + Ben Affleck back together

  • Ben Affleck still never looks happy.

D — Adam Levine’s DM’s

  • Celebrities, they’re just like us!

8 seeds

A — Aaron Judge Home Run Chase

  • College football fans loved this one.

B — Wednesday Adams Dance Scene

  • Never saw the show, but makes it on TikTok presence alone.

C — Kanye Controversy

  • Kanye goes from bad to worse.

D — Cocaine Bear

  • Already need a sequel.

And here’s the final bracket:

Charlotte Wilder and Jessica Smetana joined the show on Wednesday to comment and critique our Some Shining Moments Bracket, as well. So, remember to watch our show’s Twitter account (@GoJoShow) and vote in each matchup to determine our Some Shining Moments champion!

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