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Mahomes, Kelce and Chiefs give GoJo and Golic plenty to talk about on a Mike’d Up Monday

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. discuss the question of legacy and dynasty when it comes to the Chiefs, as well as Travis’ sideline interaction with coach Andy Reid.

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs became the first back-to-back Super Bowl champions since the 2003-04 Patriots after defeating the 49ers, 25-22, in overtime on Sunday night. The accomplishment had Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. talking a bit about legacy, not to mention Travis Kelce’s moment of ... excitement ... on the sideline with coach Andy Reid in a Super Bowl-edition of Mike’d Up Monday.

Mahomes is not only a back-to-back champion, but also the back-to-back Super Bowl MVP. GoJo points out that at the relatively young age of 28, Mahomes has put himself into rarefied air when it comes to the history of football, etching his name alongside the likes of Brady and Montana.

Senior points out that Mahomes and Reid are now halfway to Brady and Belichick, with the Chiefs coach/QB duo now possessing three Super Bowl rings. Senior says we know Mahomes has a long way to go and despite all the talk recently about the potential for Reid to retire, the coach is confirmed to return in 2024. Senior points out that he asked Reid about the retirement talk and the KC coach admits he doesn’t know where that all came from or how it got started.

Meanwhile, Senior says Mecole Hardman told him on the field after the game that the Chiefs’ mindset was touchdown all the way after the 49ers got a field goal in OT. To that end, Senior says the Chiefs are a team that has been in this spot before, they have a plan and they are a team that knows exactly what they want to do. Unfortunately for the 49ers, and perhaps the rest of the league moving forward, Senior says sometimes you just run into a juggernaut, like the 1990s Michael Jordan-led Bulls, or the 1980s 49ers, the 1970s Steelers or more recently the Brady/Belichick Patriots in the 2000s. You can have a great year, Senior says, but you just run into an entity that now has the “d” word (aka dynasty) attached to it and you have to overcome them to get to the top of the mountain.

Meanwhile, an interaction between Reid and Kelce had everyone talking about the Bump Heard Round The World during the game.

Both Reid and Kelce downplayed the moment of frustration after the Chiefs win, with Reid noting that this is whole Kelce has always been. Senior, who was working the sidelines for Westwood One during the game, was right there when the bump went down and said it was just a case of Kelce being animated, emotional and frustrated — after all, the first half was a struggle for Kelce and the KC offense. A couple of players pulled him aside to calm him down, but Senior points out that’s just Travis. He gets emotional and believes he’s the best receiver on the field and was just frustrated he was getting the chance to make some plays.

Meanwhile, last week was truly SUPER in Las Vegas, as GoJo and Golic had a star-studded slate of guests all week. Re-live some of the best moments from Sin City below!


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