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Just how bad were things behind the scenes for the Jets?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. discuss the latest turmoil involving the Jets.

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Shocking news out of New York — the Jets are a mess. In all seriousness, friend of the program Dianna Russini and Zach Blatt of The Athletic published a piece this week detailing organizational issues facing the Jets.

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. discussed that extensive report on Thursday’s edition of GoJo and Golic.

Right off the bat, this sounds like the Jets to GoJo — an organization outside of Aaron Rodgers that really doesn’t have their s*** together. But would a lot of this go away if Rodgers was healthy and on the field this season? GoJo says he thinks the answer is yes. He says that people remarked that you saw what the Jets were capable of with Rodgers there, so as long as they fix the offensive line, GoJo thinks a lot of this goes away so long as Rodgers is as healthy as you banked on him being going into the season.

Senior notes that every team goes through some adversity of some type during the course of every season. The big question is how does that team adjust? San Francisco adjusted well, they’re playing for the Lombardi Trophy next week in Las Vegas. Philadelphia didn’t and they were sent home early. Senior says when it comes to the Jets, the wheels fell off for the Jets just four plays into their season. He says so much was made of Rodgers’ injury, and understandably so, it led to the Jets fans, such as Stugotz of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, looking at the situation with their typical “the glass is cracked” instead of half-full point of view. So for Senior, it comes down to how did the Jets adjust? What did they do? From top to bottom, what were the adjustments and to Senior it doesn’t sound like the adjustments were there. Just look at Nathaniel Hackett talking in the article about how he doesn’t adjust and then not making changes to help any of the other quarterbacks on the roster. Senior can tell you for a fact that turmoil does occur in locker rooms and it can bleed over onto the field. This Jets team just fell apart, Senior says.

GoJo says Hackett is the one who comes out looking the worst. According to the article, multiple coaches and players describe Hackett as lacking attention to detail. For most of the season, the article points out, Hackett would meet with the running and passing coordinators during the week, but wouldn’t get together with the rest of the offensive staff until it came time for last-minute game prep. GoJo says the tough part is that it’s hard for Hackett to have a ton of credibility in the building if this is the case because he's coming off the historically bad tenure with the Broncos and then this year without Rodgers you have these questions come to the forefront. His relationship with Rodgers seems to be the main reason he’s in the position he’s in and without Rodgers the Jets ranked near the bottom of the league in many offensive categories. GoJo points out that anywhere else in any other circumstance, a coordinator with this type of performance would be fired, but Hackett is currently expected to be back next season because while this article wanted to paint Rodgers as the de facto GM and talked about how he pulled the strings, it’s more clear that Rodgers is the true offensive coordinator of this team. And GoJo says that makes it difficult if things go wrong if Hackett is asked to go out and put the hammer down for it to be effective given the picture that has been painted here.

Senior says in all honesty he’s surprised they won seven games, but give a lot of credit for that to the defense. They were the side of the ball where people thought this marriage between Rodgers and the Jets was going to work. Senior says there will be a lot of pressure on this team again next year and from top to bottom this wasn’t handled well and there didn’t seem to be a plan. It was just ugly, Senior says. And much like the old Peyton Manning-led Colts teams which had no real backup of which to speak, it seemed like the team was saying if anything happened Rodgers they would be done and that’s what came to fruition.

GoJo says the gravity is different around a Hall of Fame quarterback and the allowances and what you’re going to do to tailor the offense to that quarterback. And Rodgers is an offense unto himself. But the larger context of the NFL this season was a lot of teams in a similar situation who made it work a lot better. Comparison is the thief of joy the ends up coming and removing the excuse for the Jets, even if you do tailor more of your stuff to your quarterback when that quarterback is Aaron Rodgers.

Meanwhile, we played another game of “Has Jessie tried it” and let’s be honest, none of us were shocked by the answer ...


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