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GoJo and Golic National Championship preview: Can Washington deny Michigan the title?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. preview the National Championship Game between the Wolverines and the Huskies.

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It’s down to two, as Michigan and Washington will play tonight for the National Championship. Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. have you covered with a preview of the action!

Putting aside Jim Harbaugh’s future — or his thoughts about what a national championship would mean for his wife, family and friends — Michigan is currently a 5-point favorite on DraftKings Sportsbook and GoJo, as he discussed last week with Jessica Smetana on The Dan Le Batard Show’s Gen CFB, is going to pick Washington. If you’re looking for betting advice, he thinks Washington plus the points would be the way to go because he thinks this could be a close game. But all that being said, he doesn’t feel great about it because this Michigan team, on both sides of the ball, really pushes people around, as was on full display at the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, and GoJo says that Washington’s defense, on tape, seems like it’s willing to be moved around if you let them. The worry for Washington, according to GoJo, is that Michigan is so stubborn in the way they call this if you leave the door open for them to punch you in the face repeatedly they will oblige over and over again.

Senior points out we saw a bit of that in the Penn State game, where Michigan closed it out with something like 32 or 33 straight runs. Talk about an offensive lineman’s dream! Just watch it with the f word, Senior! Didn’t you see GoJo on Pablo Torre Finds Out last week?

Getting back to the game, Senior says Michigan is the more balanced team, while Washington is much more offense-heavy. But Senior is with GoJo and is going with the Huskies in this one as they have the ability to get back into games. So no matter where this goes, they have the ability to strike to get back. Senior has been on record as being a huge fan of Michael Penix dating back to last year. He thinks Penix’s game translates beautifully to the next level and it helps when you have a couple of home run hitters at wide receiver as well. Senior is just hoping for a great game with the stars being the stars and what non-star can step up and have the game of a lifetime.

GoJo notes that everyone is a little skittish after the CFP experience last year where an entertaining semifinal round was followed by an absolute laugher in the National Championship game (sorry TCU). But GoJo thinks we’re in a better position for a competitive title game this year. GoJo says Washington is going to have to decide early in this game who they are going to potentially let beat them and he doesn’t see any world in which they allow that to be Blake Corum or anybody in that backfield or associated with that offensive line. GoJo thinks you have to load the box and dare J.J. McCarthy to beat you over the top over and over again, despite the talent at wide out for Michigan. The Wolverines’ wide receivers are all capable players, GoJo says, but that being said he wants to see them do it and then do it again and then do it again. He says Washington is happy to match big bodies and cover down, similar to how Alabama did with some success in the second half of the Rose Bowl, and they’ve got to be willing to do that down in down out because the Huskies don’t have the horses to run with Michigan if they’re not putting an extra man in the box on every play.

So what are the keys to victory?

Watch the full National Championship breakdown above or the full episode below and make sure to check out GoJo’s National Championship Game SGP on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Meanwhile, GoJo reminisced about his own history in the National Championship Game during his time at Notre Dame ...


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