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How much will guys be motivated to hit their incentives in Week 18?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. discuss what some players have to play for during NFL Week 18.

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It’s Week 18 in the NFL, which means for many teams and players there’s not much to play for. But Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. talked about a few folks who will be invested for the season finale — the players with contract incentives!

For example, Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., Jordan Love and Chris Jones are all in line to potentially pick up a little bit of cash this week.

Senior says incentives live forever in contracts, and when he was in Philly he had an incentive of $50,000 to lead the defensive line in tackles and when he looked at the final box score, he saw he had enough. BUT, when he went to the team and the coaches breakdown, he fell behind and didn’t lead the team. So, Senior went to his defensive line coach and said he needed a few tackles somewhere, but it didn’t work and he fell two or three tackles short. Who knows, maybe the team didn’t want him to have the bonus, as GoJo says that was 100 percent collusion by the team.

So, Senior says it will be interesting to see where and how much some of these guys with incentives play this weekend. And players know when their teammates are nearing incentives, Senior says. For example, with Chris Jones needing a half sack, he moves around anyway and Senior says his teammates will look to put him in position to help him get there. Everybody wants their teammate to get those bonuses, so the other defensive linemen will work to help him get that half sack.

Meanwhile, with the Chargers having nothing to play for, GoJo sees an opportunity for Jones to get in there and buy somebody on that line. Hey, the holidays just finished up and everybody could use a little bit of extra money! Make the Stugotz strong in you Chris Jones and sports whisper this and buy a Chargers offensive lineman. Maybe make it a la Remember the Titans and let ‘em on through.

Jessie does wonder if part of this is based on how much people like you though. Senior gets serious for a moment and says what GoJo is facetiously talking about would rarely, if ever, happen. But your team knows when you’re getting close to making that bonus. So for a guy like OBJ who needs another five catches, you can make that happen. Senior says it really puts into stark relief if a team is cool with it of if a team really doesn’t want a guy to get it. Everything thing is going so well right now in Baltimore that they may be all for it and work on getting OBJ a couple of hitches to get there. Again, Senior says teammates know and what guys to hit those incentives, but it’s always interesting if the organization wants it to happen.

With the Rams, Puka Nacua is four catches and 29 yards shy of breaking some rookie records, so even with the Rams playoff-bound and the fact you’re risking injury you have to help Puka get those records. He says four catches for 20 yards is a blip for Puka, so hit him with some hitches or screens early. After all, Senior says, you only have one year to set these records. So Senior would absolutely feed Puka the ball, protect him as much as you can, let him set those records and then get him off the field. GoJo agrees, saying Puka’s been great and absolutely deserves to have his name written into the record book.

Meanwhile, the Kelce brothers have questioned the integrity of the mayo dumped on the winning coach at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl and GoJo is ready to step in explain to the visitors how the house works when it comes to mayo (although, it should be noted that the Duke’s Mayo Bowl claims the mayo was not watered down but rather was vigorously whipped) ...


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