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Is Jim Harbaugh really going to jump to the NFL this time?

It was another Wilder Wednesday as Charlotte Wilder joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to discuss the latest on the Michigan head coach.

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

It was another Wilder Wednesday as Charlotte Wilder joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to talk about all the latest happenings in the world of sports, including the potential of Jim Harbaugh taking his coaching talents to the NFL.

For the past several seasons there have been rumors about Jim Harbaugh jumping back to the NFL. However, given everything that has gone on this year at Michigan, could the time be right for Harbaugh to really follow through this time and leave his alma mater? Well, his choice to hire Don Yee certainly raised some eyebrows.

GoJo says trying to predict what Harbaugh is going to do is impossible, nothing that thanks to the interview with the Harbaugh parents at the Rose Bowl it’s clear that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. GoJo says that in addition to his insatiable desire for competition, Harabugh is also smart and you could hear in his answers, or more accurately non-answers, after the Rose Bowl that he’s leaving the door open should he decide to move on.

Charlotte says she doesn’t think Harbaugh knows what he’s going to do and that it’s probably all going to come down to money and what makes sense. She says if he wins a national championship, sure why not go try and win a Super Bowl like his brother John. Charlotte also thinks that Jim hiring Don Yee is a big, big sign that leaving Michigan is a very real possibility for Harbaugh. Charlotte admits that when she heard Harbaugh hired Don Yee, she thought, “OK, he is probably going to the NFL,” because Yee does not mess around.

Senior notes that rarely would anyone in Harbaugh’s position give a definitive answer when asked about their future, even if you know you’re coming back, because everything is leverage. After all, Harbaugh still hasn’t signed his extension offered by Michigan. So even if he were to stay, giving the illusion that may leave makes Michigan throw even more money at him. And Senior has no problem with that, when you have the chance to swing the leverage hammer, swing it as hard as you can. So he can either get his money from Michigan or if he goes to the NFL he’s certainly going to get paid.

Senior does say that this situation almost feels Pete Carroll-ish in that the NCAA appears to have its sights set on Harbaugh, with more punishment potentially on the horizon. So could Harbaugh follow Carroll’s example and leave while the getting is good before the NCAA comes down on the program? Senior thinks that this time Harbaugh could really go. And he doesn't believe it’s going to be based on whether Michigan wins the title. Especially with the Chargers job available with a ready-made situation at quarterback, which is one of the things everyone looks at when making these kind of decisions. Senior thinks that would be the place where they could throw some money at Harbaugh to go.

GoJo thinks it’s interesting to see how numb Michigan fans are to the will he won’t he of it all. After all, this is what Jim Harbaugh does. GoJo says he was with Lucy Rohden from The Dan Le Batard Show filming some stuff at the Rose Bowl and he talked to a Michigan fan who said it was like being with a significant other who keeps threatening to leave. At some point you’re just like, “Do it. Just go ahead and do it.” And GoJo says that seems to be where the Michigan fans are these days. Meanwhile, on the other side, Harbaugh and the other name tied the Chargers, Bill Belichick, both seem like a chore when it comes to interpersonal relations. So, if you’re the Chargers would you rather have the NFL great Belichick at the end of the line or would you rather have Harbaugh a little bit closer to his prime?

Charlotte says she could actually see Justin Herbert being a Do-Your-Job type QB with unbelievable talent and the ability to just swallow everything while keeping calm and carrying on. However, Charlotte will not believe Belichick is leaving New England until she sees it. It’s not based on any sort of reporting or fact, but she just won’t believe it until he’s gone.

Meanwhile, going back to Harbaugh for one last thought, Senior just wants to know if whenever Harbaugh lands is he taking Connor Stallions with him, since Stallions is STILL hanging around the Michigan program, apparently.


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