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What does Richard Sherman think are the keys to making a deep postseason run?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. are joined by the former Super Bowl champion to break down Championship Weekend as well as news around the league.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Former Super Bowl champion and Thursday Night Football analyst Richard Sherman joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to break down Championship Weekend as well as the ongoing coaching carousel on Thursday’s edition of GoJo and Golic.

Richard is no stranger to deep postseason runs, so GoJo wants to know what comes to mind when he sees guys going through the weekend he knows so well.

Richard brings up intensity and preparation, including hours of film study. Richard says guys are in their routine and have things they do that keep them where they need to be. And then it comes down to details and taking care of your body. Because no one cares about excuses, you just have to execute.

Senior notes that never made it out of the Divisional Round in his playing career and wonders about the pressure as you get deeper into the postseason and whether players press a little bit. Richard says he tried not to, but he’s sure some guys do press a little bit. Richard highlights a part of Pete Carroll’s philosophy — treat every game like a championship. So he always felt the same, waking up feeling like it’s always a Championship Weekend or a Super Bowl. That way when you get to big games you don’t really feel the moment, you’re just in it and you look up and confetti is falling and they’re putting up a stage while handing out hats and T-shirts. Richard says when you trust the guys around you it becomes a matter of trusting that if you do your job the team will get things done.

GoJo asks Richard how much playoff experience matters when it comes to a coaching staff, with three of the four head coaches involved in this weekend’s action having previous experience making deep playoff runs. Richard says for Dan Campbell he thinks it doesn’t matter because Campbell is a gambling man. Richard says Dan Campbell is going to do things the same way he has all season. If you told Richard that Campbell would get into this game and he’s not going to go for it on fourth down or fake punt or be the guy he’s been all season, then he would be disappointed. But he does think experience is important because you know what to expect, you know how to approach it with your players, especially not pressing or getting overzealous. Richard says it doesn’t really affect veteran players if a coach is up or down, but for young guys will be riding the wave with the coach.

Speaking of Lions-49ers, it’s become evident that Brock Purdy has become something of a lightning rod this season. GoJo asks Richard why he thinks that is. Richard says it comes down to the fact that Purdy, the former Mr. Irrelevant, is not supposed to be in this position and while America loves an underdog story, right now they’re not loving this one.

Watch the full segment above or check out the full episode below to hear the full conversation with Richard, as well as an interview with Hall of Famer and ex-49ers great Bryant Young.


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