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Was BIG night in the NBA indicative of league’s evolution?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. are joined by Charlotte Wilder to break down Joel Embiid’s 70-point performance.

It was a BIG night in the NBA — literally and figuratively — and luckily Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. were joined by Oddball’s Charlotte Wilder for a Wilder ... Tuesday?

Yes, that’s right, don’t worry about missing your important Wednesday obligations, Charlotte joined GoJo and Senior on Tuesday this week. So, yes, you have four more workdays instead of three, but as Senior points out it worked out great since Charlotte came on in time to discuss an incredible scoring night in the NBA led by Joel Embiid joining the 70-point club and Karl-Anthony Towns putting up 62 points in a loss.

Charlotte says when she turned the 76ers game on in the third quarter it seemed like Embiid couldn’t miss. She says we’ve gotten so used to centers who can score like this, but to see this happen and see him become the first Philly player to hit the 70 mark she thinks Tom Ziller encapsulated it perfectly with this headline from his substack: The 70 Sixer.

GoJo highlights that the performances from Embiid and KAT highlight the idea that we could get, and have been getting as of late, a lot more great big-man matchups after an era where it seemed like we were skewing away from that. He thinks it’s cool to see a new generation of bigs with a new skillset making an impact in the league over the last couple of years. Charlotte loves watching the NBA today and isn’t getting to caught up in what every thing means. She’s more focused on a simple question: Is it fun to watch?

GoJo says the balance of offense and defense is a fine line, where if every game looked like an All-Star Game we would see public sentiment and interest going in the other direction. But he says Charlotte is right in that it all comes down to the how and the way players are making this happen. He says Embiid is a good micro example of that where the things he can do at that size seem like they would have been impossible for so many people so long ago. GoJo says we’ve seen big bodies adjust and every sport is about how you make use of the resources available and having an army of seven-footers who can stretch the floor, handle the rock and distribute has created his favorite thing in sports — people who are so physically inaccessible to him do things he could never have dreamed of and the NBA has that in droves at a pivotal time for the league.

Being the elder statesman of the group, Senior recalls a time when the NBA was full of big-man battles down low. But like all sports, things have evolved — in the past if you were big you’d be told to play in the paint. Now, Senior notes, that we’re seeing better athletes, people want to see what happens when teams spread them out on the floor. Senior says he’s always believed that NBA players are the best athletes in the world and we’ve always been used to great athletes in that league, it’s just now we’re seeing them at seven foot and above and you really can’t appreciate it unless you’re at a game and you see how big these people are and how well they move.

Charlotte totally gets where Senior is coming from, although we do still see some of that old-school paint presence in players like Nikola Jokic. Even in last night’s game, Embiid was scoring in the mid-range and he was backing up and still contesting shots on the other side. She does think it’s telling that Wemby said after the game that on any given night guys could score 50, 60 even 80 points! It’s especially noteworthy coming on the 18th anniversary of Kobe Bryant putting up 81 points against the Raptors.

For more of the gang’s thoughts on Embiid and KAT’s big night, watch the video above or check out the full show below in audio and video form.


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