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Anish Shroff joins GoJo and Golic to talk Pop Tarts, mayo and improving bowl season

The ESPN/Panthers play-by-plan voice joins Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to discuss his latest experience at food-based bowl game.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Pop-Tarts Bowl - NC State vs Kansas State Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Anish Shroff joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to talk college football, bowl season and the Pop Tarts Bowl!

Of course, Anish famously was on the call with GoJo for his famed Oreo Mayo dunk at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl a few years back.

This year Anish was on the call for the Pop Tarts Bowl, watching on as a giant edible Pop Tarts mascot was consumed by the victorious Kansas State Wildcats.

So what was it like? “It was mesmerizing,” Anish said. He said the night before the game he wanted details on how the transition from live mascot to edible mascot was going to go down. Would it be like a kid’s birthday party where everybody breaks off a piece? Would the mascot get eaten in an organized, civil way or would it be full “Nat Geo” and it would like a pack of jackals descending upon it’s prey. Afterall, that would be great television. And he says they found the happy medium and would not reveal anything the night before. Then before the game he saw a guy come out of a giant toaster, so the ritual sacrifice was on! Let’s go!

Senior wants to know if this is the direction that bowl games need to go in the future. Forget about the game, look over here at our mayo bath or edible mascot! Anish notes that there will be some old, crotchety writers out there who fight it, but there is definitely an entertainment factor to consider. He notes that there are so many bowl games where the sponsor just slaps their name on the enterprise and that’s it. But when you have a situation like the Duke’s Mayo Bowl or the Pop Tarts Bowl, with brands who understand that they can laugh at themselves and lean into things, Anish thinks it makes it more fun for the casual viewer, as evidenced by the strong ratings for the Pop Tarts Bowl.

GoJo agrees that the proof was in the pudding, or in this case, the proof was in the Pop Tart. GoJo was shocked and horrified, however, to learn that going into this game Anish had never had a Pop Tart (Jessie Coffield has some company, it seems) despite spending an entire season working with GoJo! So what was his first Pop Tart experience like?

First, Anish lays the blame at the feet of GoJo for not introducing him to the breakfast pastry during their time working together. Getting to it, Anish notes that it’s not like he had healthy food growing up. For whatever reason, he didn’t have Pop Tarts in his life growing up. So color him surprised right off the rip as he didn’t even know that there were two per wrapper. Once unwrapped, what were his initial thoughts? They were good! If VERY sugary, as he could feel the sugar coursing through his bloodstream.

On a more serious note, Senior asked Anish what can be done to make bowl games more competitive in the opt out/portal era.


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