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Can Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs win a playoff game on the road?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. break down the latest chapter in the Chiefs-Bills playoff rivalry.

NFL: AFC Wild Card Round-Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Divisional Round weekend is upon us and Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. broke down all the games on Friday’s edition of GoJo and Golic, including Patrick Mahomes’ anticipated first road playoff game in Buffalo.

Before getting into the analysis, we have a special announcement. GoJo will be hosting a special livestream watch party on the DraftKings YouTube channel with some special guests for this game on Sunday night starting at approximately 6:25 p.m. ET. Don’t miss it!

GoJo says he feels spoiled having gotten this matchup as many times as we’ve gotten it, calling the 2021 playoff tilt one of the greatest modern postseason games we’ve ever seen. GoJo says he is fascinated to see if Mahomes and this KC offense is truly as stable as they looked in the Wild Card round or if their performance was more the product of a bad Miami team that was too beat up in a situation that completely took them out of their game.

Senior points out that Buffalo comes into this game beat up as well, with four regulars hurt against the Steelers. That’s big, he says, playing against Patrick Mahomes. Senior does like the fact that, as Chris Jones said, there are no secrets between these two teams. They’ve played so much that they know each other so well that it is like a divisional game, according to Senior. So, he says there will be nothing sneaky here. These two teams squared off in a close game just a couple of weeks ago, so Senior says everybody is expecting this to be the game of the weekend. He says the two biggest differences in this game are Kansas City is on the road and, thanks in part to the 2021 playoff game, the overtime rules have changed so both offenses should get a chance to see the field.

GoJo asks Senior which way he leans in this one. The Bills are currently 2.5-point home favorites on DraftKings Sportsbook and GoJo says he finds himself wanting to pick Buffalo. Since Week 10, the Bills have led the NFL with 35.3 carries and 157.6 rush yards per game and as he notes, the Chiefs defense has been league average at best this year against the run. GoJo acknowledges that no one can make a specific game plan like Steve Spagnuolo and he’s sure they’ll come up with an interesting wrinkle to try and deal with the biggest elephant in the room, Josh Allen’s ability to run the ball. GoJo says Buffalo’s secret sauce on their recent stretch of success has been the ability to go hammer and nail with an offensive line that has had continuity, James Cook, who has ability as a receiver and a runner, and Allen, who has been willing to put his body on the line since it’s time to win-or-go-home.

Senior says he’s leaning Buffalo as well, as last year the Chiefs scored touchdowns 71 percent of the time in the Red Zone and this year that number is down to 52 percent. Last week against Miami, the Chiefs had six Red Zone trips but four times came away with just field goals. Senior says thanks to Allen, the Bills can get into the end zone — either through the air, Allen barrelling through or by handing it off to Cook. The ability to get the ball into the end zone could be the difference, according to Senior. And it wasn’t just last week — all season long the Chiefs have struggled getting into the end zone, especially with Travis Kelce not having the type of year we’re used to from him and while leading the league in drops. Sevens instead of threes could be the difference.

The other big factor, according to GoJo, is the Bills’ ability to get pressure with just four up front. One of the most surprising stats GoJo saw is Mahomes had the third biggest drop off in passer rating when under pressure. He thinks if Buffalo is going to win this game it will be due in large part to their edge rushers getting Mahomes off his game without having to blitz.

Meanwhile, it’s Friday and you know what that means — T-G-I-A-T! Thank God It’s Acrostic Time! ...


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