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Should Steelers fans be careful what they wish for when it comes to Mike Tomlin?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcome Jessica Smetana to the show to discuss the situation in Pittsburgh.

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There was a full quad box on Wednesday’s edition of GoJo and Golic as Charlotte Wilder AND Jessica Smetana joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to talk about Jess’ beloved Steelers and Mike Tomlin.

After Tomlin stormed out of his press conference on Monday when asked about his contract status, reports have surfaced that he has told his players that expects to be back in 2024.

The players had Tomlin’s back, but how does the Pittsburgh fanbase feel? Jessica, not quite a Yinzer but Yinzer-adjacent, joined the show to talk about it.

GoJo noted that to him it seems crazy that a lot of Steelers fans feel as though the Tomlin era has run its course. Jessica says there has been a faction of Steelers fans rumbling about this for the last few years as the Steelers have struggled in the postseason. Jessica says Steelers fans starting to get a bit antsy as the team hasn’t even played in the AFC title game since 2016. However, Jessica points out that, as evidenced by that sound, the majority of players still really admire Tomlin and the organization has never said a bad word about Tomlin. So, she’s not surprised to hear Tomlin has told his players that he plans to come back as she didn’t really feel like Tomlin leaving was something that was actually going to happen. However, some fans still would like to see the Steelers win a playoff game sometime this decade.

GoJo says the part that blows his mind is that we’re talking about Kevin Stefanski as potentially the coach of the year for doing ostensibly the same thing as Tomlin in Pittsburgh. Charlotte, meanwhile, is not surprised that some Yinzers didn’t want Tomlin back. She feels like the easiest thing you could do to placate a fanbase and show you’re trying to shake things up is to fire the coach. Charlotte says it’s so rare to have a coach someplace for so long and they’ve had winning records. Could somebody else do a better job? She doesn’t know, but we just saw one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport, Bill Belichick, pushed out after 24 years in one place.

Senior was surprised by Najee Harris’ comments that the Steelers need more internal discipline and wants GoJo’s perspective since he spent some time with the Steelers in that building. GoJo says that was surprising, especially considering the personalities that Tomlin has been able to corral in the past and because he's been lauded for his day-to-day consistency in approach with players knowing exactly what is expected of them. So GoJo does wonder if part of it is just a time thing. So GoJo asks Jessica, as a fan, what are the legitimate criticisms of Mike Tomlin at this point.

Jessica thinks the legitimate criticisms come from years like this one where the Steelers are playing well despite injuries, which Tomlin has always handled well, and a difficult QB transition and then you have a stretch where you lost three straight games to teams — the Colts, Cardinals and Patriots — you should have beaten. Jessica says those types of things happen from year to year and fans are more frustrated with that, along with some game management issues, like seemingly losing every challenge. That said, Steelers fans should be careful what they wish for, Jessica says.


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