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How much did the Lions’ playoff mean win? Jason Cabinda joins GoJo and Golic

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcome the Lions fullback to the show to discuss Detroit’s first playoff win since 1992.

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The Lions defeated the Rams over the weekend for their first playoff victory since 1992.

Lions fullback Jason Cabinda joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to talk about the Lions’ big playoff win on Tuesday’s edition of GoJo and Golic.

Jason said he had a friend fly in who grew up in Michigan. The friend told Jason that he had literally been waiting for this moment his whole life. Jason says when his friend told him that it was the moment when it really hit him how important this was to Detroit. Jason says that was the energy of the fans the whole game — there were a bunch of people at Ford Field who had literally been waiting their whole lives to see a Lions playoff win. Jason says the energy was electric, truly special and one of the greatest days.

Senior wants to know what it was like walking around the stadium and seeing that. Jason said it was something that was really cool to see for the die-hard, loyal Lions fans ...

Jason says that in the lead up to the game, it was really a matter of being who they’ve been all season. He says they’ve been preparing the same way week in and week out and know the work it takes to come out a winner. When you have a game with all the narratives that were present in the Lions-Rams matchup, Jason says you have to really bring it in and make it about doing your job, make it about your brothers, about the coaches and everybody in the building who deserves this win. Jason says coach Dan Campbell told the team to just be themselves, noting that they didn’t have to do anything special or go outside the gameplan. Just play the game the same way they did all season and everything will take care of itself.

Senior wants to know how quickly the high of a home playoff win gets put aside to prepare for the next game. Jason says they way they feel is now that they’re in they have to kick the door down. The job’s not finished just because they got one home playoff victory. He says they expect a lot out of this team and at the end of the day this is just another week, another game and another opportunity to keep this team together and to make a run for the city of Detroit.

GoJo wants to know what Dan Campbell was like after the win. Was he doing his best Stone Cold impersonation? Jason says Dan does a pretty good job keeping his cool, but there was no doubt that a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders with the win. Jason thinks the win has really lifted the spirits of the organization, from the mindset to the overall outlook people have of the team and the city. Moreover, he talks about Brad Holmes reaction which went viral on social media.

Jason says you could just see the excitement and the energy from Holmes that you normally don’t get to see from a GM. Jason thinks the Lions have a really special environment with a really special group of coaches and that the team is just doing things the right way.

Jason talks about the fact that the win was about the team in the locker room and about getting the win for Jared Goff. Jason notes that Goff had a tough situation to deal with that wasn’t necessarily handled correctly. Jason knows there was a lot of pressure on Goff and he thinks he did a really good job dealing with his emotions throughout the week and not trying to do too much, which is a testament to what type of guy he is and what type of leader Campbell is.

Looking ahead to the Bucs, Senior wants to know if a matchup earlier in the season mean anything in a playoff situation like this? What, if anything, can the Lions take away from their 20-6 victory over the Bucs in October? Jason says he thinks that in the NFL, every single week you’re trying to get better. He says you want to be peaking in December, playing your best football, and he thinks the Bucs have done a good job down the stretch figuring out who they really are and gaining confidence. At the end of the day, Jason says the Bucs and Lions are both better teams and the margins of error are smaller because it’s the playoffs. It’s good on good, best on best, so all the details matter even more. So, although it’s good that the Lions have seen the Bucs already, at the end of the day you have to look at more recent tape and go off what they’re showing now.

Meanwhile, while some teams are preparing for their next playoff game, other teams are preparing for their future. For some teams that means interviewing head coaching candidates. So GoJo and Senior wonder how do you even go about interviewing Bill Belichick for a head coaching job in 2024?


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