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Chris Long joins GoJo and Golic to talk Mike Vrabel, Bill Belichick and the Eagles

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcome the former two-time Super Bowl champion to talk some football.

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Two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long of The Green Light Podcast joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to talk some football on Wednesday.

The guys start with the firing of Mike Vrabel in Tennessee. Chris says he was a little surprised by the move, noting how different things would be if Vrabel were coaching in another era.

Chris says Vrabel is one of his favorite coaches to watch and he also found it interesting to watch Amy Adams Strunk’s press conference, which he says was more like public access TV. He said it was crazy to him that they decided to do it this way, but he guesses she knew it would be such an unpopular move that she had to get out in front of it. Chris said he took note of her answer to the possibility of trading Vrabel, with her saying that she didn’t want to have to wait the three weeks and go to the back of the line. Meanwhile, just seconds later she said that she’s learned that when it comes to hiring you have to cast a wide net and take your time.

Chris also says he learned that coaches have no-trade clauses, which is absurd to him relative to the players’ situation. Chris says he bets Vrabel wasn’t going to go along with a move that would have drained the assets of his eventual destination. Chris says usually when there is a surprising move like the Vrabel firing an ultimatum has been issues and in this case Vrabel said no thanks to his standing as a head coach.

Sitting Vrabel’s future and his ties to his former team aside for a moment, Senior wants to talk about Bill Belichick. Long was a member of the Super Bowl LI champion Patriots in 2016 so he has experience in New England. Senior wants to know if The Belichick Way can work somewhere else? No matter what, Chris thinks there is one key to keep in mind when it comes to Belichick’s future ...

Chris does think Belichick can still coach and is a big Belichick fan. He says his year in New England was awesome, but in a situation like Las Vegas where if it comes down to Belichick or Antonio Pierce, Chris isn’t sure Belichick is the right answer. Just because you’re the GOAT doesn’t mean you’re going to get the pick of the litter, according to Chris. It’s a little bit more complicated than that.

GoJo pivots quickly to one of Chris’ other teams in the Eagles and wants to know what’s missing in Philadelphia. Chris thinks the magic has been missing a little bit and you can feel that. He thinks what it does is make you appreciate the Patriots and teams who have made deep runs for years, basically adding extra seasons in playoff games alone. He says Philly is a good organization trying to learn how to be a great organization and this year is a little bit of a step back, but in fairness how many teams after a Super Bowl have to replace two coordinators?

Meanwhile, it was another Wilder Wednesday and Charlotte wonders how many New England fans saw the Mike Vrabel breaking news alert and we ready to throw BIll Belichick aside.


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