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GoJo and Golic examines which QBs the Jets could turn to after Aaron Rodgers’ injury

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcome Charlotte Wilder for another Wilder Wednesday and they discuss the Jets’ QB options, both comical and serious.

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means — Wilder Wednesday!

Yes, Charlotte Wilder from Oddball joined the Golics to talk about a variety of subjects, including the rumored Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce romance, her top sports marriages and her thoughts on Tom Brady being back in Foxboro last weekend.

But one Brady she doesn’t want to talk about? The NONSENSE of Brady to the Jets talk! She’s not riding that roller coaster again!

Luckily for Charlotte, Dianna Russini poured cold water all over the idea of Brady and the Jets.

So where should the Jets turn in their time of need after Aaron Rodgers’ injury on Monday night? And more importantly, what would be the FUNNIEST names the Jets could turn to, because, let’s face it — the Jets are gonna Jets.

For some reason, Andy Dalton flashed into Charlotte’s head, although she doesn’t know why she finds that funny. Sam Darnold, also, obviously is up there. And the one that makes her just feel bad: Joe Flacco. She’s so, so sorry Jets fans.

In terms of actual good options for the Jets ... there aren’t many. Mike Senior notes that it will be hard to trade for a QB in light of the assets they spent on Rodgers and the fact that other teams in the league will likely jack up the price knowing they can. In terms of free agents, Senior throws out names like Carson Wentz, the aforementioned Flacco, Colt McCoy and Nick Foles. Of course, there’s also Matt Ryan, who has done one game in the broadcast booth but as Senior points out, that one game featured a 28-3 reference, so maybe he’s looking to get out of there.

Senior said he heard somebody say that you don’t want to get a veteran who was a starter to be behind Zach Wilson but he thinks that is EXACTLY who you do want! He says you want somebody who has experience, who has played just in case Zach Wilson gets hurt or his performance dictates a change must be made. Given how good the Jets’ defense is, Senior could see one of those veteran names getting the call.

GoJo still thinks Jacoby Brissett is the most realistic option, while Jameis Winston would be the most chaotic which he would also appreciate because let’s face it, none of these names is likely to help the Jets approach their prior ceiling, so they might as well be entertaining. Charlotte, however, does admit that she has a voice in the back of her head that says the Jets could still thrive this year. Maybe this is what Zach Wilson needed! She wants the best for this team because they are so talented! So she still believes a little bit, but she also admits that she’s delusional, so ... yeah. Your mileage may vary.

Meanwhile, like any good father, Senior just wants his son to have a loving, long-lasting relationship. Like what Taylor Swift is rumored to have with Travis Kelce!


Hour 1: Wilder Wednesdays — Charlotte on Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Allegedly Hanging, Aaron Rodgers’ Replacement for the Jets, Top 5 Sports Marriages, and Tom Brady-Patriot 4 Life

  • It’s a Wilder Wednesday! Charlotte on Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Allegedly Hanging, Aaron Rodgers’ Replacement for the Jets, Top 5 Sports Marriages, and Tom Brady-Patriot 4 Life!


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