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Mina Kimes joins GoJo and Golic to break down NFL Week 1

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcome the ESPN football analyst to talk about her return of football glow, early takeaways.

Mina Kimes joined GoJo and Golic on Tuesday and she had a glow about her. No, not from her pregnancy (congrats!) but rather from the return of football!

Mike Sr. admitted that his football return was muted a little bit because he had to sit through the absolute washout performance of the Giants against the Cowboys on Sunday night. After admitting that she was briefly excited about the prospect of perhaps Trey Lance being active and making an appearance, Mina noted that while it probably won’t be this bad for the Giants this season, the game was a harsh reminder of the talent discrepancies between the teams and the nature of the Giants’ offense.

GoJo brought up the news of Chris Jones coming to a deal with the Chiefs, and Mina agreed that Jones really didn’t get what he was looking for when he held out. She said she felt that he really didn’t gain much leverage from the Chiefs’ Week 1 loss. She also felt like his being in the stands also weirdly backfired, since being there and watching his team go down couldn’t have felt great and the discord around it couldn’t have felt great. She did say that with Jones back on the field it makes it a little easier to get your arms around this team.

Following the loss, did Mina have any concerns about the Chiefs? She noted that it was a stark reminder of how thin they are in terms of pass catching. Not only was Travis Kelce’s absence notable, but so was JuJu Smith-Schuster’s. She said someone on that offense aside from Kelce will need to step up with JuJu no longer in KC.

Turning to her beloved Seahawks, Mina said she thinks the Seahawks’ offense will be fine assuming the tackles come back and they get healthy. On the defensive side, however, there may be some major issues that may not get better anytime soon. Meanwhile, she said you also have to give credit to Matthew Stafford being one of the best QBs in the NFL. She said it was a reminder that when healthy, he can still really sling it, and she thought it was one of his most impressive performances of the past few years.

Another surprise was Pittsburgh’s performance vs. the 49ers. Mina noted that she thought the team had made improvements last season and during the offseason, but the Steelers just got BULLIED on Sunday vs. the 49ers. She said she thinks the offense will look better against other opponents, but it was still a reminder that the Steelers are still not quite there in terms of competing in the trenches on offense. Also, Mina pointed out that Kenny Pickett looked like he did at the beginning of last year when he first came in and before things started to settle down. She said you don’t want to overreact to Week 1, but this was a reminder that momentum isn’t always linear in the NFL.

While San Francisco and Dallas reminded us of how dominant they truly are, Mina thought Philadelphia kind of did the opposite. She still thinks the Eagles will be a fantastic team, but she said thought New England exposes some of their issues on both sides of the ball. The Patriots, meanwhile, looked like what you would expect a Bill O’Brien offense to look like and the defense “just slaps” and is just sick with some DUDES up front. And she can’t wait for next week’s matchup of the Miami offense vs. the New England defense.

Meanwhile, what is one of the things Mina is most looking forward to in her pregnancy leave? Watching more college football, of course! She thinks the level of quarterbacking feels different, with a depth that suggests that a team drafting near the end of the first round has a chance of finding a starter. She is just excited to watch because there are so many cool players in the college ranks.


Hour 1: Next Steps for the Jets after Aaron Rodgers’ Injury, LeBron Assembles the B-Ball Avengers, NFL Week 1 Superlatives & Mel Tucker Suspended by Michigan State

  • NFL’s Week 1 is in the books, and boy, was it a weird one. (00:50) GoJo and Golic give their take on Aaron Rodgers, who was carted off the field with an Achilles injury only 4 snaps into his debut as the New York Jets’ QB. (02:05) Golic can relate to the feelings in the Jets’ locker room after his Eagles team lost their star QB, Randall Cunningham, in Week 1 of the season. GoJo and Golic discuss the end of the Jets Super Bowl hopes, the future of Aaron Rodgers in the NFL, and (12:10) how the Jets go about replacing a future Hall of Famer at QB. (19:54) GoJo, Golic, and Jessie discuss the disappointment of USA Basketball not medaling in the 2nd straight FIBA World Cup as Dennis Schröder’s Germany team wins it all. (23:10) After the embarrassing elimination, LeBron James reportedly recruited other NBA stars like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant to play for Team USA during the Paris Olympics. (29:50) Jessie helps GoJo and Golic put a bow on the football weekend by asking them to hand out their NFL Week 1 Superlatives like Best Rookie Performance, Best Play of the Week, Week 1 MVP, and more. (39:51) GoJo, Golic, and Jessie address the troubling news surrounding Michigan State Head Football Coach Mel Tucker’s suspension without pay as the University completes its investigation into claims that Tucker sexually harrassed a prominent Sexual Assualt Awareness Speaker who was hired to speak to the Spartans’ football team.

Hour 2: Mina Kimes reacts to Week 1: Myles Garrett’s Hezzy, Philly’s Weaknesses, 2024 NFL QB Draft Class & Matt Stafford got better? + Giants WR Darius Slayton on what NYG learned from tough Cowboys loss & his QB Daniel Jones

  • Friend of the show, host of The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny, ESPN NFL Analyst Mina Kimes joins the show! (02:20) GoJo, Golic, and Mina share their thoughts on Chris Jones agreeing to a 1-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Mina says her Seahawks are fighting for a Wildcard spot, and Matt Stafford may have gotten better this offseason. (07:56) Golic said he was surprised by the Steelers’ offensive struggles against the Niners. Mina says Pickett looked rattled, but San Francisco is one of the best defenses in the League. (10:00) Gojo asks Mina what she learned from the matchup between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. (12:36) Golic asks Mina to name her Defensive Player of the Week, and (14:35) Mina gives her thoughts on Vic Fangio and the Miami Dolphins defense against Justin Herbert and the LA Chargers. (18:00) GoJo asks Mina how excited she is for this upcoming class of draft-eligible QBs in college football. (20:30) Jessie, Golic, and GoJo look at some lines moving on DraftKingsSportsbook after last night’s action. Like the New York Jets, who go from +1600 to win the Super Bowl to +6000. The Golics go on to talk about what the Jets do at QB as the team heads to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Sunday. (26:00) They lay out the details of Chris Jones’ new deal with the Chiefs and (31:00) revisit the ugly loss the Giants suffered from the Cowboys. (32:00) New York Giants WR Darius Slayton joins the show! Darius discusses how losses like those are never solely on one player or unit. Darius shares the message Brian Daboll had with his Giants after the game, “No excuses.” (35:50) He shares his thoughts on Daniel Jones and what people should expect from him this season. “You want to see your friends do well and succeed,” Darius speaks on Saquon Barkley and his battle to be properly paid. (40:20) This, That, and the Third: New NCAA Basketball Tournament in the works, KeBryan Hayes calls for robot umpires, and AI fans attended the Chargers game Week 1, and we don’t like it!


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