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Stephen Jackson joins GoJo and Golic to talk All The Smoke coming to Meadowlark Media, DraftKings Network

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcome the former NBA champ to talk podcasts, trash talk, load management and more.

NASCAR Cup Series South Point 400 Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

In case you missed it, All The Smoke is coming to Meadowlark Media and DraftKings Network beginning on January 1st!

To celebrate, Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcomed Stephen Jackson to GoJo and Golic to welcome him to the family and discuss podcasts, trash talk and more.

Senior starts by asking an important question: Does basketball have the best trash talkers? Stephen wasn’t ready to go that far, as some guys, pardon the pun, don’t want all the smoke and are just looking for some attention.

Stephen also had some thoughts on why All The Smoke has been so successful and it comes down to experiences both he and Matt Barnes have had on and off the court.

Stephen says he also thinks it helps that he has a relationship with people from all backgrounds, with love for all, meaning his fan base includes everybody because he has a relationship with everybody. He says you could say that All The Smoke is starting their own Rainbow Coalition when it comes down to it.

GoJo asked about Stephen’s initial thoughts on the NBA In-Season Tournament and how his thoughts may have changed as the tournament has played out. Has the In-Season Tournament worked? (The Underdogs podcast featuring Jordan Brenner and Peter Keating also talked about this with Oddball’s Charlotte Wilder.)

Stephen admits that at first, he hated the idea. He didn’t understand why you’d have a tournament in the middle of the season when guys were already not always playing hard and resting for half the season. However, he admits he’s got to take it back — he thinks the In-Season Tournament has been very entertaining and has been more competitive than regular games. So he says it was a great idea and it’s even got guys like Kawhi Leonard out there and playing with a regularity we haven’t seen in some time. Stephen also points to the fact that the players, including some with non-guaranteed contracts, are getting an opportunity to win some money. So he gets it now, the incentive of money, the incentive to make guys play hard has worked, even if he hated the idea at first.

Piggybacking off something Stephen said in his answer about the tourney, Senior asked him about the league’s attempts to curb load management. Jack says he loves it as he can only go off himself and he thinks guys kind of disrespect the game when they don’t get 110 percent given all the money they make. Stephen points out that he played three years with a broken toe, tried out for 18 teams with stress fractures in both his feet. So the game meant a lot to him and he knew what the game could do for him and his family. So when guys are physically healthy and yet don’t want to play because of a little nick here or there, Jack says he never respected that and never will. He says he tried his best to play all 82 games. There was no reward for it, but it was the goal. So he loves the new load management rule because it is forcing guys to be accountable and to appreciate the game the way they should. And, he said, when you play the game with a certain passion it rewards you and he thinks guys need to get back to that attitude.

Meanwhile, the Golics also did their usual Thursday Night Football preview, even if the game is Patriots vs. Steelers. Zappe vs. Trubisky — Feel the excitement!


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