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GoJo and Golic NFL Week 15 preview: Can the Bills hang with the Cowboys?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. preview NFL Week 15 by way of the weekly GOLIC acrostic.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

We’re heading into NFL Week 15 with the homestretch in sight. Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. previewed this weekend’s action with their weekly GOLIC acrostic.

Emerson was sitting in for Jessie this week, and yes he wore the hat, but he forgot something else ...

Let’s just move on to the acrostic, shall we?

Starting with the table-loving Bills Mafia, GoJo says his initial read is that he doesn’t think it’s going to happen for Buffalo this week against the Cowboys. It’s not as though they aren’t capable, after all they have Josh Allen, but his biggest concern is that they needed a lot last week to get past a Chiefs team that has struggled some of late, while Dallas comes in strong and nearing its final form. Senior agrees that it’s hard to ignore just how hot the Cowboys are coming into this one.

Senior notes that the Bills have been amazingly inconsistent, with Stefon Diggs noting that their record isn’t a reflection of their team but it is their record. Senior says the Bills have the talent to win, but he doesn’t think they can beat this Cowboys team which is just on fire right now.

Moving on to the O and on to Kansas City, the writing may be on the wall for Bill Belichick in New England but he wasn’t getting into it heading into this weekend’s showdown with the Chiefs. Instead, he’s simply on to Kansas City as only Bill Belichick can put it. And, yes, we’re with you GoJo — it is amazing that Bill can still stay stone-faced serious and repeat that line over and over without breaking character. The Patriots are an 8-point home underdog on DraftKings Sportsbook in a game that was flexed OUT of primetime. Senior says if everything comes to pass as we believe it will, he is so looking forward to our first Bill Belichick introductory press conference in decades. Senior does have some advice: Ask Bill about lacrosse to help loosen him up and get him in a good mood! Lacrosse, Navy football, special teams — that’s the way to go, baby!

As far this weekend’s game, GoJo wants to make sure that we don’t go far and overreact to last week’s loss for the Chiefs, as this simply could be what their offense is at this point. He points out that the defense did step up and play well last week. They are still built to party against a Patriots offense that is one of the worst in the NFL. However, there is always a chance that a Bill Belichick defense can put the Pats in a position to cover. GoJo points out that the Chiefs have had eight games decided by one possession or fewer this season, including four of their last five. So it’s possible, but definitely not probable that the Pats could make this a close one, as GoJo believes KC is still light years better than this Patriots team.

Senior agrees, and notes that if the Chiefs make it to their season average point total of 22.5 the Patriots aren’t beating them. This could be a chance for the Kansas City defense to get right again, Senior says. It’s all going to fall on the New England defense – if they can keep the Chiefs to two scores they may have a chance. But is Senior giving the Pats a chance when it comes to his pick? No, he’s not.

GoJo also points out this is going to be an opportunity to see what a pissed-off Patrick Mahomes looks like. He does think we’re going to see the Chiefs put their best foot forward this week, so that means he thinks they’ll run away with this one.

For the rest of the Week 15 acrostic breakdown watch the full segment above or watch the full episode below to see that plus a Thursday Night Football recap, an interview with Ravens DB Brandon Stephens and a discussion about Ben Roethlisberger’s criticism of the Steelers.

Meanwhile, who is the NFL’s spiciest player?


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